G30 sf

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by davemanz71, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. davemanz71

    davemanz71 New Member

    How is the recoil on a G30 sf? Really want this gun but not sure how it is against my g27
  2. ash1012

    ash1012 New Member

    With proper grip it is very manageable. I have rented one from my local range a couple of times. It did jam but I blame that on how dirty it was. I don't think that thing had ever been cleaned

  3. All a matter of perception

    everyone's perception of recoil is different. Asking someone what the recoil is like is like asking someone what does licorice taste like. Best bet is to go to a range where you can rent one and find out for yourself.