g29sf and a lwd 40 conversion barrel

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  1. i want to buy a g29sf for a hunting side arm and a cc with a 40 conversion.

    i already have a g22 and would like to convert the g29sf to have extra mags for home defense

    or does any one make a good 10mm self defense round?

    has any one ever done this, have any advise? :confused:
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    G22 mags don't work w/G29 only from G20!! G20/21/29/30 grips are thicker! Double Tap ammo / expensive but best if U don't reload!U use mags from G20/G29 for shooting 40s&w. I do same! Working w/o problem!
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  3. thanks

    i have double tap ammo for my 45acp and i love it for pure take down power, but it a little too much for inside the home (very loud and too much penetration).

    should i buy a conversion barrel for 40 s&w or find a watered down 10mm?
    what conversion do you have?
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    How many times did you shoot in house? I never did! If I have to I don't care how noise is! Just my 2cents! I got G20 w/40 Cal. Barell w/6"slide and compact grip. For indoor shooting I can use G21 - 1st. pics. Also Double Tap makes 125gr 10mm.


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  5. I own the G20. I have a KKM conversion barrel in .357 Sig and a Lone Wolf .40 S&W conversion barrel. I'd use the .40 if I had to. For HD, I'd never use a handgun. I rely on my Rem. 870 with birdshot.