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Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by LT2108, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. LT2108

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    I am going to be purchasing a new glock within the next week, i currently have a G26 Gen 4, but will be selling it and purchasing either a G23 or G27, my question is there any recommendations that you have on the one to get the 23 or the 27?

    I am leaning a little towards the 27, because this will be my off duty carry, and probably would be a little easier to conceal then the 23?

    Any insight would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. jfirecops

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    If you liked the 26 for carry and just want to move up to a 40, then you will be happy with the 27. I have both the 26 and a 27 and I have no problem concealing or shooting either. I use +2's on the mags and I can tell very little difference in recoil or anything else.

  3. BMGonz

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    I actually carry a 27 and love it!! Believe it or not on occasion I carry my 23 with no issues. You just need to get the right holster and most important, practice!!
  4. jonm61

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    27. I found mine, and I know many others that agree, to be more accurate than my 23.
  5. LT2108

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    Practice isnt a problem, i just use my departments range
  6. Shaun Kim

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    G23 is small but the G27 is even smaller. You'll be very satisfied. Great shooter too.
  7. jimmyalbrecht

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    I have the 23, and I love it. My pinky hangs off the 27 so that was a minus. True, you can get the mag extensions, but then that makes the grip as long as the 23, so I went with the 23.
  8. MikeDeltaRomeo

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    I have a G23, I love it. My favorite to carry. I am currently looking buy a G27 for a backup weapon while working, because I believe that is what the G27 does best. Both are made to complient eachother in perfect cohension of compatability.
  9. Glockmaster

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    I have both & I love them. The hole pinky hanging off the 27 dose not bother me at all & I have huge hands I'm 6.6"
  10. Do you have a buyer for the 26 yet?
  11. You know I have to say 23. There isnt a hand it doesnt fit....
  12. LT2108

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    I don't have a buyer as of yet
  13. OntheGlock

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    Have you sold the 26? I'm interested

  14. these are my thoughts exactly... There are times I wonder if I should have gotten the 27 and added pinky hook, but its only a "thought". I have no buyers remorse" after getting the 23. I also feel that the grip is the hardest part to conceal and if your gonna extend that with a cap or pinky hook you might as well have the longer barrel too.

    Have you carried your 26 in a concealed carry holster? A friend of mine has one of the sub-compact Glocks sometimes carried in a formed leather "in the waistband holster". He mentioned ocational issues with the the gun being "squeezed" out of the holster by his belt due to such a short nose on the gun.

    Just a thought. Thats why I asked if you've had any issues carrying your 26. I'f you have a carry rig that slready woorks good for you and hte 26 than I'd prob say go with the 27.
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  15. GlockIt

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    Have both and love both, for the 27 issue regaurding the pinky hanging. I use the GAP finger rests which lets my ring finger rest perfectly.
  16. LT2108

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    I have carried my 26 daily in a Kholster holster and love it, my buddy wanted to trade me his 27 Gen 3 for my 26 Gen 4, he said that the 40 is too much for his wife to control and wanted a 9mm. My 26 has about 1000 rds down range without problem, and his 27 is brand new.

    Does this sound like a fair trade? I would still be able to carry the 27 in the Kholster holster since it is the exact same size as the 26, let me know what you guys think of this trade.

    Thanks for the input
  17. jimmyalbrecht

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    It certainly sounds like a fair trade. Same size gun with different barrels and magazines essentially. If you get the 27, you can always buy a Lone Wolf conversion barrel and shoot 9mm still with a 26 mag.

    If you were a real friend, you'd just tell him that he could do the same lol.
  18. My Dept used to issue the G23, but last year we upgraded to the G22, which I perfer for on duty carry. I carry a G27 for off duty, which prefer over the G23 due to size.