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    Everyone says the Glock will shoot anything fed to it. I generally believe it having had at least one for 25 years and being a certified armorer for the last 5 years. However, I had failure to feeds the other day in my stock G27 and mags with the Glock +2 baseplate. The gun was fine if the mag was full of FMJ. It was fine if the gun was full of JHP. However, when I had mixed rounds in the mag (two FMJ, two JHP, etc.) the gun would fail to feed the JHP after the FMJ. The JHP were 155gr HST rounds. Has anyone else had this problem, either with mixed rounds in the mag or with the 155 HSTs in particular? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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    I've not experienced the issue, but I am curious.

    Can you tell if the misfeed is a failure to feed... or a failure to pick up?

    In other words, does the issue exist because the nose of the bullet 'hangs' on the feed ramp or chamber mouth... or because the pickup rail 'missed' the base of the cartridge?

    Also, have you tried the same problematic stacking arrangement with the standard base plate?

    The reason I ask is I'm wondering if the two different cartridges (possibly coupled with the extended base plate) are causing 'stacking' issues and slowing the cartridges rising in the magazine as the slide cycles.

    Just some thoughts...

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    I have seen this before. The fix he did after calling the company was to cut one link out of the spring, problem solved for his pistol. I would highly recommend calling the company before doing this, some companies purchase junk from 3rd world countries and place their name on it and ship it to customers. I do wish you the best it’s very frustrating. At the range and only one mag that works and it’s a 6 round mag
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    For Post #3: The OP stated it was a Glock +2 base. Glock will not recommend cutting a spring.

    The +2 baseplate/extension from Glock allows one more round in a G27 mag, not 2, for a total of 10 rounds, not 11 rounds.

    Go back, check your assembly; reassemble; keep Post #2 in mind; try again.

    Just for info, I mainly have rounds bunching up and not rising in the mag when I shoot steel-cased ammo.