G26 G4 FRTB with missfire

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by 124+P, Jul 14, 2012.

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    I have run 70 124 +P GDHP's through this gun at this time. I have had two off center primer strikes. One fired, and one was a light strike. The light strike fired the second attempt, so I don't think it was a bad round. I am aware that the off center primer dimples are an indication that the slide was not fully into battery. The test fire date on this NIB pistol is 4-23-12, and it has the 018 RSA. The glock rep told me that the RSA on this gun never changed and that the current RSA is the 018. He is sending me a new 018 RSA in the mail to see if my current RSA is defective. What do you all think? Anyone have this pistol, and not having any problems? Thanks.
  2. I have a G26 Gen 4 and I've recently replaced my factory RSA with a S/S one, but I've kept all my factory parts after my many upgrades for spare parts. I looked at my factory RSA, but there's not a 018 or any number stamped on it. I've had my gun almost a year and I've put over 1300 rounds thru it with no problems other than the occasional FTFR, but that's on the ammo, not the gun. So, I'd try the new factory RSA, but there's always the S/S option. Hope this helps.