G26/27 vs G19/23

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  1. Jsferrazza

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    G26/27 vs G19/23 - help!!

    Hey Guys!

    So I'm trying to decide on my next firearm purchase between a G26/27 or G19/23. I currently carry a G43 and love it, but am looking for something to serve as a good home defense and occasional CCW. My concerns with the 19/23 are that I live in Florida where it's always HOT and I'm a small guy (5'8" - 130lbs), so I tend to run into some challenges with concealing a larger gun. I used to have a G19 and enjoyed shooting it (should've never gottten rid of it). My father carries the 45acp baby glock as his off duty weapon and loves it.

    Another thing is .40SW or 9mm. I currently only have 9mm pistols, and feel that it would be nice to diversify my calibers. I've heard both sides of this from people saying it's better to standardize your caliber and others say it's better to diversify it. I personally think it may be better to have more than one caliber (i.e. ammo shortage in one).

    What are your thoughts? What should I get?

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  2. pfultz

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    You really can't go wrong with any of those choices. I carried the 26 for 3 years until I switched to the 33. Good luck with your decision and keep us posted.

  3. Easy_CZ

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    If it's going to double as an HD gun, I'd lean toward the 19/23 because of the rail. Easy to add a light/laser to the 19/23. More limited, in that respect, with the 26/27.

    I EDC a G26 in sultry Oklahoma. Its 99-degrees here today (in the shade), so I feel your pain. The 26 is an awesome CCW, but I do wish it came with a rail for HD duties.
  4. tehmc

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    Very disappointed my initial post didn't go through.

    For strictly home defense then I would recommend a full or compact size. For strictly CCW I would recommend a sub compact or compact size. Basically compact is the middle range for both and since its primarily for home defense and occasional CCW since you already have a 43 I would recommend a G19/G23.

    Another way to look at is is to buy a G23 and a 9mm conversion barrel so you really get the best of both worlds and can shoot 40 and 9mm for diversity. I would also recommend getting a few full size magazines for the couple more rounds for home defense. Also as someone said you don't have the rail on the 26/27 which can be helpful for adding a mounted light.
  5. Jsferrazza

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    Great feedback! I just worry about being able to conceal a 19/23 since I'm such a small frame guy, but also have never tried it...
  6. Jsferrazza

    Jsferrazza New Member

    Great points, especially about the 40/9mm conversion. My thought on the 26/27 is that I can use a larger magazine for home defense, but you bring up a good point about the lack of rails on it.
  7. nickndfl

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    19 has more rounds and IMHO is their best product. If you don't have a 19 you should buy one.

    *You will most likely be able to shoot a 26 as well as a 19 in its stock configuration too, but there is nothing else like a 19.

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  8. Jsferrazza

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    I see you have the extended magazine in the 26, which was one of my thoughts on getting the 26 for home defense. It would give me HD capacity, but I could still put in the stock magazine for carry. Any feedback on the extemded magazine in the 26?
  9. pfultz

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    I use the X-grip in the 26 and 33, gives you a nice 15/13 round capacity.
  10. tehmc

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    I just slap a G17 magazine in my G26 and don't bother with the extra grip material on the mag and it works just fine for me
  11. I'll throw my .02 in.
    I've carried my G27 with X Grip on a 23 mag and it worked fine. I have since gone back to the factory 27 mag with a +1 extension, and a spare G22 mag.
    I've pretty much done away with the X Grip and shoot the longer mags straight up with no problem.
    Now as far a which one to get, I'd probably go with the 23 so you'd have a rail if needed, and be able to drop a 9mm conversion if you wanted.
    If your not worried about a rail, I'd go 27 with a conversion, (I did), but I have a G22 as my main HD gun.
    Basically do what works best for you, cuz I really don't know at this point. :confused:
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  12. nickndfl

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    Good question.

    1. The 19 and 26 shoot about equally in my hands in stock configuration.

    2. A 26 with a finger rest same as above.

    3. A 26 with a 19 mag and spacer was not as good. I could still shoot, but my accuracy was off. I would skip it and buy the 19 if you want the capacity.
  13. tehmc

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    Man now you guys are making me mad at myself for trading my G19
  14. Lucian_253

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    You traded your 19!
  15. Since you already have a G43 that's your EDC, I don't see the value of going to a double stack subcompact for your primary HD gun.

    You should also know the G30 lineup like your father carries is about the same size (w/ 10 round mag) as a G19. It is not G26/27 size, and it has a rail to hang a weapon mounted light onto.

    You mentioned you might want a second caliber. Nothing wrong with .40 S&W, nor is there anything wrong with .45ACP. And the G30 uses G21 mags, so you can have 13+1 at home for SD...not too shabby.

    Of course, nothing wrong with caliber consolidation, and a G19 would allow you to have higher magazine capacity and use same rounds as the G43.

    SO ultimately, for me, the logic is to go with a G19-G23-G30 (I'd go with a G30S or a G30 Gen 4) because 1) they are generally easier to shoot than the subs, and 2) capability to hang a wide variety of weapons lights and lasers.

    YMMV. Good luck and stay safe.
  16. Gandof

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    I'd vote for the 23. Conversion barrels and magazines are a quick and inexpensive way to convert to 9mm when you want. I have a couple of 27s and a 23 that are my carry guns. I have conversions for the 27 as well. Great to be able to shoot either 9 or .40 depending on what I have loaded. The 23 works well as a house gun, with the rail and increased capacity. It's also not a lot more difficult to conceal than the 27. I find almost no difference in the two if you are using a mag extension on the 27. I carry the 27 with the factory floor plate magazines, and carry a 23 or 22 magazine for a reload. Hate the "X" grip! I have a 22 for my house gun. Good luck, you can't go wrong with either one.
  17. Jsferrazza

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    I was pretty set on picking one of the four models in my original post until I held a 30s at the store the other day. Now considering that too, but want to shoot one first. Just "muddied up the water" even more for he hahaha
  18. sydsyler

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    Just my 2 cents. Im not a very big guy myself but one thing I have learned over the years is that if you get a good holster, I mean dont be afraid to spend a few dollars if you have to, then carrying and concealing a bigger gun is a lot easier. So which one to get? Well I'd personally go with the Glock
  19. morph860

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    g23 all day long
  20. 686ssr

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    I'm in GA right next to you, therefore I get what you mean about the heat...a muggy heat.
    Since you plan to carry it, I would say get the G27 or 26. I carry my G27 way more then my 23. For home, spare mags and a hand held light will work or better yet a AR... it also has a rail..:D
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