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glockit1 said:
hey y'all, just went to the gun shop today during work since i got paid today, and paid my g23 gen 4 off. the gun is now mine. im so stoked, went down to my gf's grandparents's house and shot about 5 or 6 rounds through it for the first time. I LOVE this gun. not much recoil, ammo is a lil expencive but considering what my dad does when he goes and relaxes. I shot magtech through it so far, going to try some federal 155 grain ammo that i got from my local gun shop and might try some wally world ammo. Is there anything that you guys would suggest on doin first on her. im goin to put some white nail polish in the engraved areas. anything else you guys would suggest? thanks for all the help guys im sure i will have more questions later. have a great day, y'all.

Glockit1 a.k.a Justin.
One poster already said something very really does not need anything but regular practice on your part.

That said...I put a tritium front sight on mine and took a black Sharpie to the stock rear sight. If you are gonna carry, get a good holster and a couple mag holsters. Hard to beat the basic Glock pouches for value. I have a Crossbreed, but there are many others out there.

Lots of good posts around on where to buy ammo online, so shop around. Some of my favorites are,, and

Another thing you might consider in time is buying a 9mm conversion barrel and a few G19 mags and shoot cheaper 9mm practice rounds and little less recoil.

Regardless, enjoy your new weapon, and be safe.
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