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G-23 said:
I believe it is more important to breakin the shoot than the gun. The barrels are jus fine right out of the box/factory and there is no need for breaking them in.

Many new shooters purchase Glocks for the price and durability (and maybe mystique). Glocks are a different shooting platform and takes even some of the best shooters a little practice to get used too. While it functions are similar to the 1911 1a the trigger system (pull & reset) is way different as we all know.

Going out and blasting away is a waste of money and time (resources) and only teaches bad habits. A firearm isn't some cheap electronic gaget that you can just learn the button pushes to be proficent with. You will be held responsible and accountable for each action/reaction you cause with it. Opps, preaching...

The new to Glock shooters should practice trigger control and learn in short sessions (say a hundred rounds at a time to be proficent with trigger break and reset. Field striping (for obvious safety reasons) and cleaning techniques along with re-assembly.

No need to learn (ingrain) bad habits all in one session.
That my Freind is some solid advice I also think u will learn self control and quality over quantity
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