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  1. hey y'all, just went to the gun shop today during work since i got paid today, and paid my g23 gen 4 off. the gun is now mine. im so stoked, went down to my gf's grandparents's house and shot about 5 or 6 rounds through it for the first time. I LOVE this gun. not much recoil, ammo is a lil expencive but considering what my dad does when he goes and relaxes. I shot magtech through it so far, going to try some federal 155 grain ammo that i got from my local gun shop and might try some wally world ammo. Is there anything that you guys would suggest on doin first on her. im goin to put some white nail polish in the engraved areas. anything else you guys would suggest? thanks for all the help guys im sure i will have more questions later. have a great day, y'all.

    Glockit1 a.k.a Justin.
  2. Congrats.
    Only thing on my list is night sights.

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    I carry a G23 and a G27 seasonally here in the south.
    Don't need to do anything but run the gun! Get used to it and shoot a thousand rounds or more thur it, preferably 100 or less, at a time.

    Field strip it and clean it. It's good right out of the box brand new!

    If it wasn't brand new, then that's OK too but I would have a Glock Armorer run thru the gun and ensure it is up to date and he'll do functional test to check it out also.

    Enjoy, BTW, you don't need that pretty stuff, leave the nail polish to the girls!:D
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    Congrats!! I love my g23!

    I have put the cheapest ammo I can find (brass case- wont use steel cases) but factory reloads even work with no issues! I would look at upgrading the sights tho.
    Happy shooting - be safe!
  5. One poster already said something very true...it really does not need anything but regular practice on your part.

    That said...I put a tritium front sight on mine and took a black Sharpie to the stock rear sight. If you are gonna carry, get a good holster and a couple mag holsters. Hard to beat the basic Glock pouches for value. I have a Crossbreed, but there are many others out there.

    Lots of good posts around on where to buy ammo online, so shop around. Some of my favorites are Luckygunner.com, freedommunitions.com, and sgammo.com

    Another thing you might consider in time is buying a 9mm conversion barrel and a few G19 mags and shoot cheaper 9mm practice rounds and little less recoil.

    Regardless, enjoy your new weapon, and be safe.
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    Hey G-23, I was just wondering why you say 100 rounds or less at a time. I've just never heard that before. Not calling you out, I'm just curious.
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    Some say it's good practice to break in the barrel. I'm not sure, but it makes sense....
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    Great gun and good shooting, I made the mistake of getting a Ruger SR40C and really wish I had gone with the 23!
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    I believe it is more important to breakin the shooter than the gun. The barrels are jus fine right out of the box/factory and there is no need for breaking them in.

    Many new shooters purchase Glocks for the price and durability (and maybe mystique). Glocks are a different shooting platform and takes even some of the best shooters a little practice to get used too. While it functions are similar to the 1911 1a the trigger system (pull & reset) is way different as we all know.

    Going out and blasting away is a waste of money and time (resources) and only teaches bad habits. A firearm isn't some cheap electronic gaget that you can just learn the button pushes to be proficent with. You will be held responsible and accountable for each action/reaction you cause with it. Opps, preaching...

    The new to Glock shooters should practice trigger control and learn in short sessions (say a hundred rounds at a time to be proficent with trigger break and reset. Field striping (for obvious safety reasons) and cleaning techniques along with re-assembly.

    No need to learn (ingrain) bad habits all in one session.
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    Only thing I do is clean out the bronze lube it comes with and add a couple drops of oil. Then they are ready for action..thousands of them!
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    That my Freind is some solid advice I also think u will learn self control and quality over quantity
  12. the day i got it i went out and shot five rounds through it. then the next day i went out and got my gun oil, and all the other gun cleanin stuff i need. i cant remember them but i got them lol, all of them where hoppes since thats the only thing my local wally world had at the time since i was at work and wally world was closer than my local gun shop. but the gun i bought was brand spankin new. also as soon as i bought it my local gun shop went and got a new one and of course they went and shot the price up to like 600 or so i cant remember lol. but i went out and shot all three clips today with a mix of magtech and american eagle both 155 grain. i sucked the first 2 mags, but i got it ralled in close to the end of the second clip. but i love this gun and will never shoot this thing again without ears. louder than my rifle that i go huntin with. im also lookin for some good cheap ammo that i can find. but if there are any ppl on this forum that want a glock go out and shoot the g23 at a local range. i never got to shoot this gun until i bought this gun. i love this and i would suggest this gun to anyone who wants a new gun. and yes all to those who said stay safe, im always safe around guns and always make sure of my backstop before i shoot. and i will also get the 9mm conversion as soon as i can offord it. i will also try to get some new sights but the stock ones work well for right now. have a great day everyone.

    Glockit1 aka Justin.
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    Interesting, I just watched a YouTube video the other day regarding Glock cleaning and the guy said the factory recommends that you leave the bronze lube intact as long as possible. I wonder which is the correct process?
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    The bronze lube is fine and a decent lubricant...kind of like when we got new weapons in the military and they were packed full of cosmoline! Shoot it with it on, won't hurt anything.

    Glocks don't require a ton of lubricant like se custom 1911's that have extremely tight tolerances. Actually you don't need much at all on Glocks. They are reliable because tolerances a not super tight. If you over lubricate you run the risk of having gunk stick to the lube and causing issues.

    I've run thousands of rounds through my Glocks and only put 1 drop of oil on each slide rail, and on the lug (under the barrel) and never had a problem and they run smooth.

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    Great pistol and caliber. I love mine. I kept shooting high and left and thought the sites were off. Since I came off of another Semi Auto handgun, I figured the sights were off. You know? "can't be the shooter. I shoot good..."

    After doing some research, i found out, it IS definitely THE SHOOTER and not the weapon. So I adjusted my grip and my trigger pull and voila, the shots are back in the center.

    ENjoy it. As with what a lot of people state, no need to clean out the orange goop. Just shoot it and wipe it down and take your time to learn the proper way to shoot the Glock.

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    Can you elaborate on the "proper way to shoot" and any supporting information along with examples or websites would be a big help
  17. yea im still learnin how to get the gun under controll but im gettin the hand of it. but considering i have only put three clips and 5 rounds through her so far. but i love it to death and never will sell it no matter what.
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    "CLIPS" I believe GLOCKS take mags ;)
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    I blame it on the movies.....
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    I hear ya! :)