G23 vs. G30s and why??

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Glock19XDS9mm, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Glock19XDS9mm

    Glock19XDS9mm Active Member

    I'd like to hear some opinions of owners for both these models and which one you'd pick hands down and why.

    Pros and cons maybe...

    Keep in mind of course this would be for an EDC.
  2. Audioph1x

    Audioph1x Well-Known Member

    I love the g23 for EDC. However, in GA you can print/open carry so if that's a concern, you may want something a little smaller.

    I love the 23 for an all around EDC. It has a good size magazine, good barrel length, and can be concealed pretty well.

  3. moz1747

    moz1747 New Member

    Caliber differences aside, either would be a good choice. It's a matter of defining what you want and which you like better.

    I have both the 23 and 30S, but for more than a year I have carried the 30S way more often than the 23. I use the 9 round magazine for carry (10 or 13rd as backup on the belt) and for me it seems to be a little easier to conceal than the 23.

    At this point my 23 has been filling the HD role.
  4. WillieB

    WillieB Active Member

    I have both and prefer the 23 for EDC. 3 more rounds and a bit easier to reacquire target on multiple consecutive shots for me. I prefer the 40 caliber round personally. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the 30S, especially with it being physically the same size as the 23, boils down to personal preference. You can't go wrong with either
  5. sdglock23

    sdglock23 Glockoholic

    I prefer the 23 because it's thinner gripped, in the case of the thin slide 30S the frame is still wider than a 23 frame. The 23 also has better capacity and while having a 9rd mag for the 30/30S helps, I've never once had an issue concealing the 23. That said, while I don't have 30S (but a Gen4 30) I still like the idea of having a concealable .45 since my 23 is my carry .40 the 30/30S makes a superb choice for a carry .45.

    Both are super nice but if I had to choose just one I'd pick the 23.
  6. moz1747

    moz1747 New Member

    I did not mention in my previous post why I find the 30S more concealable than the 23.The 30S with a 9rd magazine, when I measured it including sights, has an overall height of 4.5" versus the 23s 5".

    For me, the overall height is a concealment concern because it dictates how "baggy" the shirt I am needing to wear must be and 1/2" shorter overall height seems to make a difference.

    I carry strong-side iwb and with the 30S I can get away with a normal sized untucked t-shirt and with the 23 I need to go up a shirt size or the grip prints more than I care for. The minor difference in frame width does not seem to make as much difference in conceal-ability for me.

    So that is my experience and everyone else's experience may be completely different. There are many factors that drive what will work well for you. For instance, what is your body size and type, what method do you plan to use to conceal the piece and what clothing are you planning to wear.
  7. Glock19XDS9mm

    Glock19XDS9mm Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys..

    My friend is telling me to get a 23 and trade the 30 but what would concern me is the fact that it's slightly longer so not sure my body frame would conceal well.

    So what I'm thinking is to carry my 26 as my CC and leave my 30s for home defense and get a light attachment.

    If I was to get a .40 to carry I would assume the best option would be the 27.

    I prefer to dress the same as I don't like to wear baggy clothing or need to go a size higher.

    My waist is a 32 and for concealment I wear size 34 pants but there's no way I'm going to buy and wear Large shirts.

    I'm 5'9 166lbs. Not trying to look like I'm in a 90s hip hop video lol.
  8. hoghunter45

    hoghunter45 New Member

    I had a g23 gen 4 and now have a 30s, I prefer a 45, the 40 feels snappier and the 45 just feels better so I prefer the 30s
  9. j102

    j102 Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you prefer the subcompact Glocks. Me too.
    You already have a G26 which is the same size of the G27. I wouldn't buy the G27 unless you want a .40cal.
    Don't trade your G30 model. They are awesome .45acp shooters, and it gives you a second caliber for the times when 9mm is scarse. The G30 is a great HD weapon.
  10. Blackmagic02

    Blackmagic02 New Member

    I think both are great and rotate between the 2 for an EDC.