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jayta98 said:
Hello everyone. So I have a G23 gen3. It had always work flawless. So i have been looking into getting a convertion barrel to shoot 9mm. I found a used barrel, ammo and mags for a good price. The barrel is made EFK Fire Dragon Barrels. The mags included were two 15 rounders and one 33 rounder from KCI. It included a box of FMJ tulammo, a box of Winchester Super X JHP silver tips and a box of Ranger FMJ. All of that for $130. The barrel is in brand new condition. The 15 rounders work great. The 33rd mag had multiple FTE's. I changed the spring for a new Wolffspring and I maybe get 1 FTE now. So i'm quite happy with the barrel and at least the two 15 rd mags.

Now the issue, with all mags the empty casings fly straight up into my face neck chest area. The 33rd mag almost every single case flies straight up into my face. I got my lip burnt, neck and chest quite often with the 33rd one that I stopped using it. The 15rds ones are less prone to this issue but i do see them flying close to been straight up.

Now I'm trying to figure out if this is issue is caused by the mags since they are aftermarket or if it is the extractor. I do know by my armorer's book that the 40 cal extractor has a 5 degree cut and the 9mm is straight. Could the 40 cal extractor be causing this issue? Is the KCI mags? Should I get a glock 9mm mag? Or should I switch the 40 cal extractor for a 9mm one with the 9mm plunger? I'm also using the G23 recoil spring.

I used to have a G19 and the casings never flew straight into my face.

Anyone had experienced this? Any advise will be appreciate it. Thanks.
I'm glad you are enjoying the barrel Juan. I'm sorry about the 33 rd mag, let me know if you fix the issue.

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