G23 Mags can take 9mm?

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  1. I was talking to a G23 owner on Facebook and he made the claim that one could load a G23 mag with 9mm (in regards to the 9mm conversion barrels) and it would feed reliably.

    I was super skeptical of the claim, so I came here to ask whether or not that's the case. I can't see it working very well or at all.
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    During the last ban from 94-04 it was very common that people bought 40 caliber magazines when a model was chambered for both and load 9mm into the 40 caliber ten round magazines. In most cases 12 9mm rounds would fit a ten round 40 mag.

    A buddy of mine did use beretta 96 mags for his 92 and it worked fine.

  3. Thanks! I'll have def have to try that! Now with that said, will they feed in a G23?
  4. BORIS

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    With a conversion barrel right?

    I dont know because everyone I know with a conversion barrel for a Glock uses 9mm mags. I never seen it done with a Glock but have seen it done with other brands.

    Give it a try and let us know, it wont hurt anything.
  5. Yep. It might be a while coming, though. I'm planning to get my G23 broken in with .40 first since I think the break-in period would be better served with .40 SW at least.

    Then I have another question- is it possible to "break in" a G23 shooting with a 9mm conversion barrel? I'm just curious because of the differences in pressures that exist between the two rounds...
  6. Glockinator19

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    Get a conversion barrel and you will be good to go! I'd still use g19 mags, but that's just me.
  7. Are there any websites that have any conversion barrels in stock and at a reasonable price (under $120 or so)? I'm seriously sick of panic buyers.
  8. Geek

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    At this point in time I can't see any reason to use .40 cal magazines when shooting 9mm. Until the last month magazines were available so if you bught a conversion barrel there was no reason not to get the corresponding mags. If you are just now ordering a conversion barrel, then order the mags and live with the backorder. They'll come through eventually.
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    Lone wolf had some I believe
  10. Glockinator19

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    Lonewolf.. For sure. Just checked they got ample amounts of all kinds
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    I have a G35 for uspsa and plan on getting a 34 ( anyone got one pm me) an I am going to try to use the 40 cal mags with the 9mm. I hope this will work so I don't have to all new mags
  12. Glockinator19

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    Good luck!
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    I just order one through rockyourglock two nights ago, it took my awhile to find black threaded barrel. I received a email lastnight notifying me that it had shipped.
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    I did it. Before I got my 9mm mags, i wanted to see if the 40 mags would work the same as a 9mm mag and yes they did for me. I loaded the 40 mag with 9mm, it sure made me smile.
  15. Seabass

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    I have the G23 Gen 4 and G19 Gen 4 and I can load 9mm in the G23 magazine and feed it fine through the G19.

    Now if I could just find a few more magazines of either...
  16. dwcfastrice

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    There have been a bunch of threads on the forum regarding the conversion barrel, and invariable the same question the OP asked pops up.

    There are several posters in these threads who have had great success with loading 9mm in the G23 mag.

    Personally, I have not had much success.. Can it be done? Yes. Does it work all the time? Not for me it hasn't. I ended up buying 3 (and today 2 more) G19 mags. Couple that with a G19 ejector and extractor and I wouldn't hesitate to carry the LWD conversion as an EDC.

  17. TM23_co

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    9mm will not load in my stock 23 mags. The 9mm round just pops right out
  18. Wait... if I'm gonna get a conversion barrel, I need a G19 ejector and extractor, too? Or is that just if I was going to try to convert my G23 to a reliable proto-G19 for more reliability with EDC?

    I intend to use the conversion barrel for cheaper practice once in a while but still use the .40 caliber barrel for EDC and occasional practice, as finances allow.
  19. I've used my G23 mags in my G19 a lot, even during a Gunsite class, and never had a problem. I don't have a conversion barrel for my G23, so cannot testify to that.

    I don't carry it that way, mind you...but I've never had an FTF with the 23 mags and 9MM
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    Lonewolf is backordered on the G23 -> 9mm "Stock" 4.02" barrel. No anticipated date. (I live 20 minutes from their store). I wouldn't use 9mm ammo in a .40 Mag, definitely not made for this. If you go with a conversion barrel and want to shoot 9mm from your G23, get some G19 Mags.

    EDIT: I should note that StormLake say they have "ample" stock of their conversion barrels however the price difference is significant, Lonewolf - $109.00, Stormlake - $180.00. BIG delta!!!
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