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Just purchased my Lyman T-Mag press and Hornady carbide dies. The bench will be completed by this weekend and I will be ready to start reloading. I am looking for some good target/competition recipes to start out with on my Gen 4 G23. I have read from numerous sources that each gun is specific, so I figure getting advice from others would help me out in the process.


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I shoot/reload .40 exclusively. I use a 180gr head, mixed brass, Winchester primers and UNIQUE powder.

For heads I use: zero brand (get them at roze distribution -, berry's plates, and lead heads from Mid-South States.

Current loads:

1) 180gr Zero's over 5.5 - 5.6gr's of Unique
2) 180gr Lead heads over 4.8 - 4.9gr's Unique
3) 180gr Berry's over 5.5gr's of Unique

I also had good luck with 4.7 -4.8gr's of Titegroup.

These might be some good starting points.

BTW, Unique is relatively cheap compared to other powder and a bit smokey with lead heads, but it makes major and fills most of the case so I know if I double charge (ie: it spills over if I do).

Hope this helps.

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