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  1. As mentioned before, the hubby is pushing for me to get a larger caliber. Of course, I'm sticking with a Glock (was there any doubt?!?). I LOVE my G17, but I wouldn't mind another.

    I tried the G23 and the "boom in the hand" aspect was a little much. Did not like the feel of it in my hand either, not sure why. Maybe because it wasn't my G17, or maybe it wasn't "right". Little did I know was the G23 is considered a compact. *rolls eyes* Teaches me to do research before getting all excited about a specific weapon. =)

    The next time I hit the range, I'm going to try a G22, which is pert near identical to the G17, which I like...because I CC my G17 and having another weapon closely "related" to my G17 would make the transition that much easier and quicker.

    My questions are:

    What are your experiences between the two (G22 vs G23) and which do you prefer, and why?

    Would you suggest either one for a woman, which and why?

    Gen 3 or Gen 4, and why?
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    I own a G23 and just love it. My other Glock is the G21 so I have a .40 and a.45 For some reason I was better with my 21 but lately I have really stepped up getting better with my 23, I have improved my grip, done some drills and found that it really is a very smooth shooter once you give it a chance, I am 5'10" 225lbs. as well and it is perfect for IWB carry for me. I have no experience with the G22 so I will leave that to those who do. Good luck how ever you decide!

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    I think either 1 would be a great pick.

    I have a G23G4 and love it. I carry it with no back strap so it's a SF making the grip better for me.
  4. Love my new Gen4 G23 but its my show off gun my gen4 27/26 are my carry choices. But i do find myself carrying the 23 alot here lately
  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with 9MM, especially from a larger pistol that can easily handle the stoutest +P defensive rounds. You are carrying one of the best and most popular pistols I the world. You have 17 round magazines, and lots of firepower. You are comfortable with your pistol. What exactly is the problem?

    We have a loaded G21 (45 ACP), G23 (.40), G19, and G26 (9MM's) in the safe, ready to go. My wife carries a 19 and I carry either a 26 or a 23. We load the 9's with bonded 147 grain Remington Golden Sabers +P, but would use Gold Dots, Federals HST, Hornady TAP, etc.

    If you do go to a bigger caliber, do it on your terms, not your husbands. get one, shoot it until you are confident with the gun.

    Bottom line for me would be if you have to pull your pistol to defend yourself or others, wouldn't you rather be shooting a pistol you are comfortable and confident with?
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    I have a G23 and just got done shooting right now actually and i love mine. When it comes to Cal. Larger then A 9mm u have to increase your wrist tightening otherwise it will flip slot compared to a 9
  7. From personal experience I'd say if you don't want to deal with the recoil/snap then avoid the 40S&W, especially in the 155-165gr range. The 45acp has a much less "harsh" recoil impulse IMHO and I'd bet you could shoot a full size G21sf without issues.
    If there's anyway for you to rent a G21sf to try out I'd give it a "shot" bet you'd like it a lot better then the 40cal, I know I do.
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    I carry my G27G4 90% of the time as well.
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    Sandie when it comes to your life do not listen to anyone about what feels right in your hand, a 9mm is going to hurt just as bad as a .40, if someone does not believe that ask them to do a taste test. First use the 9 on their left shoulder then the .40 on their right and ask them which hurts more.
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    I have yet to get a "caliber is king" person to volunteer to be shot with a .25 ACP. :D

    Back on topic, if you're comfortable with the full size frame, then stick with it, but as many are saying, it all comes down to what is comfortable in your hand. The .40 is pretty "snappy" and you may or may not end up liking it. if you don't like it, you won't shoot it. If you don't shoot it, there goes your proficiency.

  11. I see nothing wrong with a 9x19mm loaded with good quality 124gr +P ammo. First and foremost you've got to have a gun that you can shoot well. If you can't hit with it it won't matter how much power you have.
    9's are pretty easy to shoot, 45acp isn't bad at all IMHO and 40's for me have way more "snap" then I'm comfortable with so I'd opt for a 9 or 45 before I'd go back to 40. I've given that ctg. a pretty fair shot having owned 4 of em' over the years(TZ-75, Sig P239, Glock G22 and Beretta PX4 Storm) and didn't like any of em' as much as the G30 I have now.
    Recoil is subjective, everyone copes with it differently. Gun design effects it as well, the PX4 Storm with the rotating barrel was the easiest of the 40's that I've shot and going with a [email protected] load helped out as well but it still had more recoil in the full size PX4 then my G30 has IMHO.
    Don't let ANYONE push you into a gun you won't like. If you're comfortable with the G17 then give the G26 a look. Same caliber, mags from the 17 will work in it and recoil is still pretty soft too. That'll give you something a bit smaller for carry and you'll still have the full size for around the house and for plinking.
  12. 10mil

    10mil Is That a .40....nope its a 10MM!

    since you have a 17 i would go.with the 23 and if its to much for you you can change it to 9mm for a small fee. that way you'll have full size and compact.Just my opinion i have a 20 and a 27 i love both but Im still trying to get my accuracy down on my 27 at more than 10yrds. But if my wife ever decides to move up from .380 i can make my 27 a 9mm for cheap.oh and 23 with be my backup gun for when i join my local Leo. They all carry some .45 Im not familiar with the brand but they said we can carry a bug .40 or 9mm as long as we qualify with it. So i will be practicing with my friends for the next few weeks.
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    do not buy anything, I am sure you can find someone with a pistol you're wanting to buy and give it a test run, some ranges have pistols to rent and glock is very popular.
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    I have a gen 3 G 23 and a gen 4 G 35 and love them both. I seem to shoot the 35 better but I carry my 23. I love my 23 and carry it everyday but since you are used to the 17 I would say the 22 would be your best bet if you want a new pistol. If you feel safe with your 17 then I would just keep carrying it.
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    I'd say switching from 9mm to .40 cal is not a game changer for self defense. If you are most comfortable with what you are using now, I'd stick with it. Personally I own 9mm and .40 cal pistols, the 9mm I can more rapidly and accurately do a follow up shot then with the .40. I switched to .40 for my newer Glocks only because I wanted to try something new, not because .40 is a magic bullet compared to the 9mm. These caliber debates are common, .380 is not enough so buy 9mm, 9mm is not enough so buy .40 or .45. In my opinion if you do your part the gun will do it's part, irregardless of caliber.
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    I only want gen 4's in the future, due to a better hand fitment of the smaller grip.
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