G22 or G23 gen 4

Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by jclinebell1, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. jclinebell1

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    I am deciding between these 2. I want something that is concealable but fits my whole hand, packs a punch and does not have recoil like a .45. I've seen videos and it looks like both these guns would fit my hand. What is your guys take? I'm leaning towards 23 but would have to go to store to feel it for myself.
  2. 10mil

    10mil Is That a .40....nope its a 10MM!

    everyone loves the 23 after my 27 i can see y...even thou Im am in love with the 10mm...my next will be 23

  3. jrlusmc

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    23 is awesome.... That's all I got!
  4. Burrito

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    The 23 is awesome it was my first hand gun and would never part with it! Love love love my 23!
  5. jclinebell1

    jclinebell1 New Member

    Thanks guys. I'm just waiting for NJ state police to send my criminal history check to my police station then I will get my handgun permit. This would be my first Glock. They are having a Glock day june 30 at my local gun shop. 50 dollar Glock night sites and free installation, reduced gun prices, free stuff, and a raffle for a Glock 19 gen 4. It's been over a month so hopefully I will get my hangun permit by then.
  6. 23or22or27

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    I have both a 22 and a 23. I typically carry my 23. I run a stream light TRL-1s on my 22. It lives in the safe by my home office. But, I will carry it from time to time. We keep a 17g4 with the same light in the night stand.
  7. coltkiller1982

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    I have found the midsize 23 to be the most versatile of all the Glocks. I traded my 31 and 33 for a 32. I had a 23 barrel and later got an advantage arms .22lr kit and just recently got a Lone wolf 9mm conversiion barrel. One gun and I can shoot nearly any caliber I would want. It is small enough for concealed carry and , with .357 SIG, it is powerful enough for modest hunting use. I am happy with mine. I knda miss the added concealability of the 33, but I like the option of putting a light on it. Besides, there are gunsmiths out there that can reduce the grip down to sub-compact demensions. The 31 is slightly easier to shoot and is listed to give about 100-150 fps more velocity, but that is offset by the additional care needed to properly conceal the larger frame.
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    Yep 23 all the way just got a new holster too. Fits in waist good.

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  9. jclinebell1

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    My pistol purchase permit came in and decided to get the 23. It fit like a glove in my hand like they were made for each other. This is my first Glock and cannot wait to shoot it. Thanks for all your advice and suggestions.
  10. Then you want to go with a 9x19mm Glock because the 40S&W versions have MORE recoil then a 45acp does. Honestly, I think the recoil of my G30 isn't all that bad at all, not a whole lot more then a 9x19mm+P but every 40cal I've had, even with 180gr sub-sonic loads had more felt recoil then my G30 does. You don't want to deal with recoil but want something small enough to carry but large enough to be worth a dang, get a G19. Otherwise 45acp would be next on the list then last with more recoil would be the 40S&W.