G22 mag issue

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  1. M22

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    Any one have issues with older mags splitting? I have a 2 inch vertical split in the polymer down the back along the #'s.

    Thanks, Drew
  2. havasu

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    I've seen a few splits and this is why my department changes out mags every two to three years.

  3. jonm61

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    I've never seen one split myself. How old is the mag? What follower # is in it? Give Glock a call...they might just swap it out. I've seen them do it in person, but it seems a little hit or miss by phone.
  4. M22

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    The problem I have with a swap is that Massachusetts is a ban state and also post 1998 Glocks are not MA compliant. So Glock would have to ship a 10rd mag. There are ways around it, but i have no intentions of committing a felony. So I'm stuck with older pre-ban mags. The mag that broke is a U notch with #4 follower.

    I guess I'll just call them. If it means a new 10rder then so be it. I have plenty of hi-caps.
  5. jonm61

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    The U notch mags are an automatic swap from what I was told when I was there. And it's better to have a good 10 round mag than a broken hi-cap, right? :)

    I've always wondered how states like MA enforce the possession part of the law when there are grandfathered magazines out there? If they catch you with a post-ban hi-cap, are they even going to know?
  6. M22

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    A lot of the ban era mags are stamped "law enforcement/ military use." Pre-ban had no markings and post ban have no markings. So other than the new style mag there are no real ways to date. Many other manufacturers do date their mags. It's one of those things most will not recognize by looking at it but I wouldn't chance it in court.
  7. jfirecops

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    Not exactly, here is a pic from another forum showing the differences [​IMG]
  8. jonm61

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    I know we can tell the difference and I agree I wouldn't want to take a chance in court. I'm just trying to picture how it would all go down should you be stopped for instance. I doubt every police officer in the state has a guide to determine what's pre-ban and what's post-ban.
  9. icumedic119

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    splitting mags

    I have had my G22 gen2 for 5 yrs and have 3 high cap mags and have never had a problem with a single mag and I am out shooting every other week
  10. glocksterks

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    G22 Mag Issues

    I have a mid/late 90's Gen 2 G22 that I've used since it was new, with 9 10 round mags, 4 hi-caps, and 2 Gen4 hicaps, all in .40 cal. The only issue I've ever had was with one of the 10 round mags. The liner split where the tabs come together between the holes on the back. This mag was sent to Georgia, and a new one was returned in less than 10 days. The only other problem I've ever had was on the same G22. The forward locking lug on the barrel, cracked from side to side and about 2/3's from rear to front. I noticed the crack while cleaning after a USPSA match. The firearm functioned flawlessly. I FedEx'd the firearm to Georgia, and again it was returned in less than 2 weeks, completely overhauled and with a new barrel. Both repairs were returned with NO charges. Glock Inc. and my local Rep have been very helpful over the years.
  11. purplefred2

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    G22 mag splits

    I own a G22 Gen 3, I have 6 15 rnd mags & 2 22 rnd mags. I have never heard of a mag spliting before. I shoot 36 rnd Defensive & Military Completions every other week. I also shoot lead bullets. I also use a SW .357 Barrel in my G22, with .357sw bullets, I don't need to change mags. :)

  12. CDZ28

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    Havent noticed anything yet. But I'm gonna check all my mags now.
  13. mwpd03

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    Contact Glock they will replace/swap-out what you send them!! Good Luck!!
  14. BigDaddy123

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    Did anybody hear that Glock was having a limited production of models with brushed stainless slides and stainless steel barrels? My local gun guy has several modles on display and while they look pretty nice, are the performance charachteristics the same and are they factory issue? Was thinking of getting one but only if it's original factory equipment. Thanks!
  15. G22 mag issues: My current G35 has over 80,000 rounds through it, I shoot every week. All Glock mags have issues. Before I shoot any new Glock magazine, I cut off the excess black anywhere near metal. I especially E-Xacto knife the inside of the each magazine, non Glock manufacture magazines need the most touch up. These are cheaper and have crap quality control. Exception C-beta Glock drums. I have stored all NON-3rd gen magazines away. Don't ever toss 1st gen mags as Glock enthusiasts collect them and pay extra at shows. Not all Glock magazines work well with the different generation Glock pistols. Older Glocks are the exception , I think they work even smoother with 3rd gen mags. If you ever have magazine issues return them, most companies will send you new ones. I run Arrendondo mag followers on all of my G22 mags and Wolf extra power springs.
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    Here is one of my old g17 mags with a split.

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  17. I have never had that problem It would stink.
  18. G-23

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    Easy Replacement

    Never a problem with getting a replacement.
  19. supermanmtg25

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    I have never had this problem.
  20. 030201_40

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    If UR loading with a mag loader, putting all the rounds U can get into UR mag, putting one in the chamber then jambing the magazine in U may be putting some extra pressure on as it is kind of hard to do.