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  1. Am reposting this in it's own thread in hopes of suggestions/advice.

    Have a 21SF Gen 3, and really enjoy it. It does, however, shoot slightly to the right unless there's a death grip on it with my support hand. At first I simply attributed this to me, the shooter, especially since this is the first Glock I've purchased and didn't have anything to compare it to.

    Later, shot a G30SF rental as part of my research for a CCW. It was dead-on target every single time, even filthy dirty (it looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in weeks).

    So, started doing dry fire drills on the 21SF and realized that at the moment of trigger break, the muzzle wavers ever so slightly to the right, consistent with results seen at the range. The front sight begins to touch the right side of the rear sight posts, but that's as far as it goes. Took advice of previous posts on forum and put a snap cap on the slide next to the front sight. When dry firing, the snap cap on the slide slides towards the right, but it does not fall off or fall over.

    Bought a Gen 3 30SF this week, shot it this weekend and it is just as dead-on accurate as the rental I shot months ago. Dry fired it, and the sights do not move at all upon trigger break, consistent with range results. A snap cap on the slide remains perfectly still when dry firing.

    Because of this, I'm inclined to think that the 21's trigger could use smoothing out, but have absolutely no idea what is needed.

    Would really appreciate input from folks here who might have suggestions as to what might help make the trigger break more smoothly and eliminate that little wobble.

    I am not a gunsmith, nor am I interested in trying to pretend being one. All I'm asking is if this is a simple fix that I can do (like give a part or two a good rub down or lube or something requiring no machining, sanding, or replacement parts), or is it something that I should contact Glock about directly to see if they can do something with it for me?

  2. voyager4520

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    It's not the trigger, it's the shape of the grip.

  3. Hadn't thought of this, but maybe it could be the reason why.

    Anyone else have any input on this? Has anyone else shot wide with their 21SF's, and if so were you able to find a correction for it? Was the correction done to the 21SF or was it fixed by a change in your grip, or something else?

    I've been experimenting with a slightly different trigger-hand grip which does reduce the problem, but not completely.
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    Most likely it's the differences in grip and trigger pull between the two. Is this a brand new 21SF? I bought a new one last month and noticed the trigger is very heavy and it actually affects my normal trigger pull. Stock setup is 5.5lbs but i'm sure it's closer to 7 brand new. I even suspected it might be the smooth vs. grooved trigger. I have small hands so i actually prefer the grooved one to help give me a solid contact on the trigger. Wish i had 30SF to simply swap triggers with.
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    There's a possibility that it actually has a heavier trigger pull. Gen4's have a heavier trigger pull because the angle at which the connector sits in the Gen4 trigger housing was changed by 5 degrees in the heavier direction, which results in an extra half pound of trigger pull weight. I'm pretty sure that the SF trigger housing is the same one as the Gen4 trigger housing. Glock made the "dot" connectors to bring the Gen4 trigger pull weight down to the same as a Gen3 would have with the standard connector.

    If you can get your hands on a "dot" connector, that may make all the difference. It may be difficult to get one though, at the moment the only way you can get one is to be a Glock Armorer and provide the serial number of the gun you're going to install it into. You could try to find a Gen4 owner who replaced their "dot" connector with a different connector and try to buy the "dot" connector from them.
  7. Rimshaker: Not brand new, has over 800 rounds through it. You may have a point about the smooth trigger affecting things a little (didn't even notice the grooved trigger on the 30SF until you mentioned this but I refuse to swap parts because the 30SF is flat out amazing).

    Voyager: maybe you and Rimshaker are both right and that the trigger is just heavier. I will keep an eye open for a 'dot' connector though it sounds like it'd be a lucky find to actually come across one.

    Oh well, in the meantime I'll just enjoy shooting the 21SF, accepting the challenge it is giving me to make that perfect grouping. It's really funny to be posting about shooting a whopping 1 inch to the right with consistency. One day this shooter will achieve perfection with the 21SF, until then will simply enjoy the journey of getting there :)

    Thanks for the input, guys.
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    I would have an armorer check your front and rear sight. Glocks rear sights are plastic and can get bumped/moved kind of easy sometimes.

    But make sure you are placing a drop of oil on the trigger/ connector area too during the lube phase.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, G-23. The sights look good, and though I do put oil on the trigger connector, the last time or two it was a pretty thin drop so will see if that helps it any.

    Thanks again, much appreciated.