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  1. db559

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    Decided to go with the 21sf. Now what's the best ammo for range shooting? Say I just wanted to go let off a hundred rounds every so often.

  2. db559

    db559 New Member

    Well I assume it would e cheap but I don't wanna shoot complete garbage. Any brand suggestions?
  3. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    I agree except the 45 acp has nothing in the cheap range. Look at the UMC big yellow box or the Winchester white box. If your pocket can take the hit, look online for bulk boxes. Georgia Ammo has decent prices on bulk ammo.http://georgia-arms.com/
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  4. Academy Sports here carries UMC 250 count bulk boxes for like $90ish
  5. hope you budgeted in .45 ammo on your purchase. may or may not get much range time with it. i love the .45 but no way could i shoot it a couple thousand times a month like the 19.
  6. Winchester white box ammo 230 gr fmj is kind of cheap around here. I can get a 50 round box for 18.95. For 150 rounds I think it was around 60 bucks. Feeds flawlessly in my 21. Now if only I could get .50ae rounds for that price I would be in heaven lol:p
  7. Birddogyz

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    I carry my 45 to the range and usually put a box of 50 through it, gut with my G34 i go through the big boxes and around 100 rounds through the G22. My 45 is a 1911 and it is a good thing the mag only holds 7 rounds.:D
  8. Redhawk41mag

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    I was a staunch .45ACP guy for decades. I stopped shooting them for two reasons. One was my hand just couldnt handle the impact due to severe osteo-arthritis. The second was the cost, I was burnin up 3-4 hundred rounds a weekend and NOT reloading my own. If your wallet and your mits can handle it...get-r-done!!
  9. db559

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    Thanks guys. I checked on that big yellow box and it's 90bux for 250. I'll probably go with that.
  10. iGlock

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    Its what i mostly use for range in my g30