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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by jebarlow, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. jebarlow

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    I am new to Glocks but I have been shooting for about 10 years. Yes, it took me this long and I don't know why. I have shot 1911's and Sig P220 and have loved them both. But I am just now getting back into shooting because of my health and decieded to start with the Glocks.

    Very very nice systems. Boy what I have been missing. The recoil is nothing like the 1911's, they actually hold enough ammunition to allow you time to shoot.

    So here is the question for the post. I see from the reading I have done, that once you go Glock you never go back. I have to tell you I held a 1911 in my hand the other day and it felt wrong, it was as if there was nothing to hold on to. As I look at the Glocks, I like the G17L and the G34. Both seem to have great reviews, both seem to shoot well for their caliber, I need to know what you think about which one I should buy given these next things.

    I can only buy one for the next few years.
    I want to compete soon for the first time in a few years
    I haven't shot anything but 45 and 22 cal. for a long time
    I can only make it to the range once a week
  2. GAgal

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    The G34 comes with adjustable sites and a lighter trigger. If you are using this manly as a competition gun, this is what I would go with. We have both a regular 17 and a 34. They are both fine guns.

  3. jebarlow

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    Thank you, I did not know that. No one has said that in the papers I have read.
  4. sgtcowboyusmc

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    Yes the 34 is made for Competition. Some Comp won't let you use a 17L Given those parameters I think the 34 would be what you are looking for!
  5. the_mule

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    My 34 didn't come with adj. sights & it was NEW! It does have the minus connector (lighter trigger) however. I had to check on that after I noticed that the sights were fixed instead of adjustable. It doesn't matter about the sights anyway, since it now wears AmeriGlo target sights.