G21 mag springs, this is interesting.

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  1. The recent G21 mag I picked up with the +2 wouldn't lock the slide back.:( I pulled it apart to have a look at the spring and follower, all looked ok but I did tweak the top part of the spring where it connects to the follower as a temp fix and now it'll lock the slide back ok but I'd still like a new spring for this mag.
    So, I go to the Wolff web site and I'm looking around, figure it'd be the same spring as the G20 mag, NOPE, wrong, believe it or not the G21 mags take the same spring as the 19, 23, 26,27,29,30, 32 and 33. Basically the Compact and Sub-Compact guns. Who'd have thunk it, LOL. Of course it'd only be a +5% power spring in the 21 mag instead of the normal +10% power but still, I'd never figured that it was the same spring as the smaller guns.
    I guess if I could hunt down a standard base plate and just make it back into a 13 round mag I'd be fine but with the +2 I'm going to need a more powerful spring.
    Also, on a side note, the G30, 10 round mags that came with the gun seem to have thicker springs in em' then the G21 mag does and the color is different too. The G21 mag spring is kind of a bronze color and the G30 springs are a aluminum, white, metal, ect. color. I wonder if the G30 mag springs have been replaced at some point in time?
  2. That sucks! lol yea I think every extenders for the mags all way comes with a new spring. So the 20 dollar hook up is costing a little more. :p

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    Did you take it shooting and it didn't lock the slide back? Or just cycled it?
  4. Hand cycled which gives a slower slide speed then actually firing it so if it won't catch when you hand cycle it, it for sure won't catch when you actually fire it.
    I tweaked the spring to put more upward pressure on the front of the follower so it works now. I really don't like to mess with springs if I can help it since it's not something that's only a temporary fix. I'll probably just order a 3 pack of replacement springs and do all three of my mags since they're all the same springs and I can keep the two good springs form the G30 mags for replacements.

    Can someone check the springs in their G21 mags and G30 mags and tell me what color they are please. I'd like to see if the ones in the G30 have been replaced or not. Thanks.
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  5. Ok, pulled the mags apart and did a coil count. G30 mags have 9 coils and the new style 1304 follower. G21 mag is 10 coil and has the older style follower. Think I might try to get an 11 Coil spring that'll fit the older style follower to give the +2 G21 mag a bit more "umph" in the spring dept.
  6. Here are what my G21 factor springs look like:


    I would do a picture for the G30 springs but unfortunately I don't own a G30 yet. I will when ever (not holding my breath) Illinois allows CC.
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  7. Looks like you have the newer style silver springs, this one is the older style bronze spring that's thinner and actually hooks to the follower instead of sitting up in it like the newer style springs do.
    I think I'll just order a new spring next time I place an order for something. Thanks for the pic.;)
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    You might as well get the new follower too. When they redesign the followers, it's for a reason...
  9. Will they work with the older style mag body? If so then I might just pick up a follower and spring.