G21 iwb holster

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  1. jatgasr

    jatgasr New Member

    M 6'1 225 lbs and want a good holster for g21 either iwb or outer ???
  2. Scorpion911

    Scorpion911 SheepDog

    Crossbreed or Raven Concealment.

  3. I ordered 2 Raven holsters about 2 months ago. Still waiting for them I usually carry in leather iwb. I heard a lot of good about them. Once received I will give my input. I own a couple of Crossbreed holster. I really dont like the way they feel. But a lot do like them as well.
  4. ash1012

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    If your looking for a kydex OWB holster I would recommend Mike P. He is a vendor here and dose excellent work

    If its a IWB holster you want i recommend a hybrid holster like crossbreed or my personal favorite white hat holster

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  5. placko

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    I am about the same size desantis makes a few options including the intruder that keeps you from printing