G21-13 round mags

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  1. I can not get that 13th round in the magazine. Any tips?
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    Or use a MagLula or is it UpLula. It will make it tough to rack your slide unless you put the mag in first and then drop the slide closed.
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  4. I’m using the Glock mag loader but can’t get that 13th round in.
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    Are you slapping the mag in your hand (primer side down towards your hand) to help settle the first 12 rounds within the mag? I always smack ALL my mags just before loading the last round.

    If this mag(s) is new, it`ll take some time to wear it in. Glock mags can be a little hard to load when new. My G30s is like this, and it still is a tad rough to get that last round in even though i`ve run a few hundred rounds thru the gun. As post #3 says, thats truth right there!

    Get a MagLuLa mag loader. Then throw that glock loader in the garbage. When you go to install the mag in the gun, load one in the chamber from the mag, then pull the mag and fill it to capacity. You will have to re-install the full mag with authority. Slammer`home!
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  7. WOW! I have one of those for my AR and love it. I didn’t even know they made one for pistols. I will buy one this week. That’s great info.
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    Ohhhh man, they are the best thing since man discovered worms on a fish hook!
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    I no longer have the hand strength to load magazines. My maglula uplula makes it easy. I would be lost without it. I bought a couple extra in case I break one and one for SHTF. I can have a couple of folks reloading while I shoot.
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    I have difficulty getting the 13th round in just about all my G21 mags. I usually just go with 12 plus one chambered. I'm ok with that. Hopefully 13 will be enough. I also carry a spare mag with me with 12 more. 25 rounds of 45acp should handle most situations. If not I revert to my G27 with extra mag. If that doesn't handle it I am just SOL.
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    I've found I have super strength when it comes to loading my 45s. I can easily fill both 7 and 8 rd mags without needing a loader.

    9mm on the other hand....not so much. Fully encourage using a loader.

    Must be casing diameter. Them little 9s suck. Especially after the 9th or 10th manual load...OK, I give, get out the loader.
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    Definitely the maglula.
    I did a Kriss conversion on one of my mags and I need the maglula to get the 24th and 25th round in.
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