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    I am new to Glock. I have shot numerous models and calibers in the past and some how never owned one until now. I picked up a G20C a few weeks back and must say I am highly impressed! I have been looking at 10 mm's for several years and finally found the deal I was looking for. Although I don't see a need for any upgrades I have to ask, what are some worthwhile additions to this great pistol? It already has Trijicon night sights and I am considering a Lazermax guide rod or a Crimson Trace! Any suggestions?
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    Congrats to your new Glock!

    First upgrade most new Glock owners do is the change the connector to have a 3.5 lbs trigger pull. And extended controls like: extended mag release, extended slide stop lever & slide lock. All these is just a personal preference to make everything easy. :)

    For the laser. Neither own one. Someone here might have good/bad points on those two you mentioned. :rolleyes:

  3. Since you already have night sights, I would suggest the 3.5 Connector. I have one in mine, makes a big differance to me.