G20 maybe the best ever

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by elonsmk1, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Purchased my g30 have not put a round through it yet. Got my g20 the day I took it off the shelf I took it to the range and put 100 rounds through it wow what a feeling! Heard about the recoil being excessive. Not at all now I did not fire buffalo bore or underwood ammo just some federal 180 grain fmj but it was the best fun I have had in a while.g20 rule
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    The 10mm is an effective round. But for the size, I'd rather stick to my .45 and carry a +P round for personal defense. The difference in size isn't huge, but the availability of better ammunition, and the mere cost of operating one makes a 10mm an unattractive proposition for most.

  3. 10mil

    10mil Is That a .40....nope its a 10MM!

    10mm is a beast! Thou its not easy to find good ammo you can over it online...shipping::eek: but i couldn't ask for a bigger thrill for glock first one i fired my wife said my face lit up like a kid at Christmas 20 at that time lol
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    When I first walked into my local gun shop and asked to see what they have in the line of pistols for self-defense the owner open the cabinet and started to reach for a model 1911 45ACP. I told him not to hand me that, that I've done my research and I felt that a Glock with the handgun I wanted. I then told him that I didn't want to hurt an intruder, i want to F-ing stop them. At that, he picked up the Glock 20, handed it to me and said this is your weapon. I have. Never looked back. The 10 mm round packs a punch and with the Glock 20 there's 15 more behind it. personally, I have no problem with the Amobi hard to find.. I get a kick out of going to the gun range and seeing all the 9 mm and 45 caliber at 3:57 and 38 special casings all on the ground. It makes it easy for me to pick up my 10 mm casings when I'm done. Because they're the only ones on the ground.