G19 with TLR-4 report

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by MississipVol, May 7, 2012.

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    I have heard of people saying that rail-mounted laser lights like the TLR-4 cause the G19 to fail to eject rounds properly so I thought I would give a report of my experience thus far. This weekend I shot 100 rds total at an outdoor range with 124 gr Winchester white box and 115 gr American Eagles.

    First of all, the brightness of the TLR-4 was disappointing. I knew it would be dim because it was such a bright sunny afternoon but I could not even see the red dot past 8 or 10 feet. (Maybe that's the norm but this is my first laser.) I decided to leave the TLR-4 on even thought I would be using my regular sights just to see if it caused the Glock any performance problems.

    I did not experience the first problem with the Glock even though the TLR-4 was attached. I brought a flathead screwdriver in case of a stove pipe but never had to take it out of the backpack.

    I have tried a slightly different grip that seems a little firmer and it seemed that I had fewer brass ejecting at 6:00 but I will continue to experiment.

    Nonetheless, that makes 350 rds through my G19 bought a few weeks ago and no real problems yet. Now, as to the TLR-4, hopefully the range owner will let me shoot it at dusk so I can see how it performs and get it zeroed in at my preferred distance.
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    Have you tried the light and laser at night?

    The tlr-4 has a <5mw rating and the beam's wavelength is 640-650nm.
    From what I understand, with these specs, in total darkness the dot should be visible for 100 meters, it will be very diffused and pretty huge. In bright sunlight, due to to the low power and wavelength 10-12 feet is max. So 8-10 feet in broad daylight sounds about right.


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    I'd use one of those lasers shaped like a round in the chamber and sight it that way, at home in the dark. At least that way you know where the bullet comes out and your laser's dot are lined up at say 8ft (the length of an upstairs hallway?).

    I did this to sight in my Star Firestar plus (at least get it on paper) and I fine tuned it at the range. I also did this with my g23.

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    I don't know of may lasers that you can see very well in broad daylight. I'm sure it's fine. I love my streamlight, and when it's used at night, it's bright as can be!!
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    The SO I work for issues TRL-2 with G21s. At night they rock and the laser really is a deterrent. As for zeroing... We set ours at 25 yards and they seem pretty accurate as close as 5 yards. In daylight I've found they are about useless, but I work midnights, so I don't see much of that... Lol