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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ming, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. ming

    ming Member Supporter

    I'm buying my first Glock soon and I'm deciding between a G17 and a G19. I've read so many good things about the 19 that I was really thinking about going with it until I rented it on several range trips. The grip just feels a little too short for my hand. No such problem with the 17 which really feels nice. I thought the 19 would fulfill several roles, such as home defense/carry/range, but I'm not sure I could get used to the grip. I've never seen anyone write that they felt the same way about the G19 grip. Anyone else have the same problem?
  2. Steelharp

    Steelharp New Member

    Perhaps you have a fairly large hand, and it needs the 17 grip to feel fully supported? My hands are not small; I wear a size 10 ring, so my fingers are somewhat slim, and the 19 fits me fine. The 17 sticks out a bit past. You need to get whatever feels best for you.

    Also, the 19 has a bit shorter sight radius. Some folks find the longer one of the 17 beneficial toward putting rounds on target. Another consideration.

  3. EvilD

    EvilD New Member

    If the 17 feels better get it. The only difference in CCW is the grip length which is not that big of a deal, I carry mine. Get a good holster and dress appropriately and there is not problem
  4. Slugo

    Slugo Member

    to me, the G19 is the perfect Glock. 15+1 is not to shabby... :)
  5. ODG34

    ODG34 New Member

    Get what feels right. A full size Glock is no harder to conceal than a 1911 and tons of people carry those concealed every day.
  6. DVCguns

    DVCguns New Member

    The G23 was my first EDC Glock and I never got use the to finger groove spacing. Too tight for my larger hands. I went to the G17 and found it much better but concealing was harder.

    I just cut my G17 to G19 grip size and have done some work on the grooves to boot and it is the best of both worlds for me.

    For a stock gun I will always buy the G17 but even it requires some dremel/stipple work to fit right.
  7. ming

    ming Member Supporter

    That's my problem also. The grip itself is a little too short for my hand, but the finger groove spacing always leaves my hand feeling cramped at the end of a range session.
  8. DVCguns

    DVCguns New Member

    If you dremel the groves a bit and undercut the trigger guard then stipple it's night and day!
  9. Bills1949

    Bills1949 New Member

    buy an xgrip and use the G17 mag in the G19, it makes the G19s grip the same as the G17
  10. american lockpicker

    american lockpicker New Member

    I used to have a couple of 19s but the 17 fits my hand perfectly. Also you can try and find a nice gen2 G19 as they have a better grip.
  11. DVCguns

    DVCguns New Member

    The Xgrip widens the finger grooves on the midsize Glocks? They are not spaced the same as a fullsize frame.
  12. Treat yourself this Christmas....get both
  13. Kmurray96

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    For range banging use the mags for the G17 with a mag sleeve. I find the G19 much easier to conceal, but than again, I don't own a G17 and I've just switched to a DeSantis Scorpion holster which might have a lot to do with the concealment.

    I'm surprised you find the G19 too small. I'm 6'2" and wear a size 13 ring and I find the G19 a perfect fit.

    Maybe a Gen4 G19 with the interchangable grips might be your answer.
  14. neem19

    neem19 Just trying to stay warm

    I have a 17 and a 19. Love the 17 at the range but 19 for carry. I know the 19 grip is a little shorter but really I don't notice the difference in feel. I bought the 19 to carry because the grip is not like a sub compact where the clip makes up the grip. 19 all the way!
  15. For me the compact Glocks are perfect. It sounds like the 17 fits you better so go for it.

    BLK RIFLE New Member

    Which to buy. I say the 19

    I have one of each and with the 17, 19 and 26 I bought some +2 Glock mag extenstions and put them on the mags and that took care of the short grip. I carry my 26 and a 19 mag with +2 on it.
  17. shuban

    shuban New Member

    My vote for G19.
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  18. mjheinz

    mjheinz Member

    I recently bought my first Glock also. I went with the G3 17. I have very large hands and the grip on the 19 is too short. I thought about going with a 19 and using 17 mags witha X grip but the finger grooves didnt feel right. Go with what feels best to you.
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