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    Went to the club yesterday. Left my P80's home for a change, except for the 17 clone with a .22 cal conversion. Also brought my 1911, first outing for that gun in a month or 2, and worked flawlessly, and my sr22, which was it's usual perfect self. Issue was my store bought G19.4, stock except for Shadow Arms barrel, night sights, rsa, and recently installed extended slide release, 1 of 4 guns that got that treat that day. Been awhile since I shot this gun, heck, I couldn't even find it for half an hour...but finally remembered where it was. Anyways, mags were loaded, probably my NATO Winchester, pretty hot, and first 2 mags the next round would feed, but the trigger didn't reset. Spring on the bar looked fine, but manual pushing on the reset arm felt like crap.Racking by hand was 50/50 on resetting the trigger, fortunately I could push trigger with my finger. Anyways, by third mag, reset was fine, shot 100 rounds total, and problem was gone. Thinking lack of usage, but feel that shouldn't be a reason. Also, refilled mags was standard pressure ammo, and wondering if the hotter stuff caused a "skip" with faster slide speed. Then again, hand racking didn't reset the trigger. Put my Ipro laser bullet in the gun today and hand racking was fine. Sprayed ballistol in the trigger mechanism yesterday.Usually run my lower pretty dry.
    Funny, as I shoot my home builds regularly as I feel unsure of them sometimes, as they're....home builds and not "perfection." Feeling like perfection may need some exercise to maintain that status, and perhaps a bit of lube. Putting that 19 back in the lineup. For awhile I was matching my 5" guns in accuracy with that 19, and yesterday it was good, and today with the laser was real good. Trigger feeling crisper again, it felt like mud for awhile yesterday. Maybe 'cuz I shot the 1911 first :D
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  2. I have no idea what went wrong, but you’ve modded the gun, so maybe start there. Why did you replace the stock recoil spring assembly? That’s the first place I’d look.

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    I was having similar issues and thought everything looked fine. I didn’t have the slide release spring installed correctly. Strip it back apart and pay real good attention on reassembly. Hopefully that fixes it.
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    Got well over 2k rounds through the RSA. I use non captive ss so I can change springs.
    Danzig, I believe your slide was hanging up, and trigger was okay? I only backed out the top pin for the slide release.Did 4 extended releases that day, and other guns have been fine. I recall mentioning having spring under pin so the release doesn't float up and inadvertently lock the slide. Slide is fine, no lock up except last round, and every trigger failure had a round chambered. I'm taking this gun next outing, believe it will be fine, but if not, will pull trigger assembly. Might pull it anyways, buff it out a bit, and replace springs. Not sure of round count on this gun, but think it's around 5k.
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    Failure to reset is typically caused by a maladjusted trigger connector, the trigger bar binding in or on the trigger mechanism housing, or an improper combination of a 'light' firing pin spring and a 'heavy' trigger spring.

    For example, as shown in the video below, an improperly installed trigger spring can cause the trigger bar cruciform to 'stick' in the trigger mechanism housing.

    Glock trigger not moving all the way forward

    Good luck! :)

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    Thanks Bob...I checked trigger spring after the first mag...it was in place, but thinking back, it may have been canted, and then gone back to proper orientation after some usage. Going to put a new spring in anyways, after 5k rounds or so it may be time.
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