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This will probably sound silly but I'm hoping someone will take it seriously.
Last year I gave my son my G19, GEN 3 after his home had been broken in to. :( I had been focused on 1911's at the time and didn't think I would miss the Glock at all, however, it began to bother me that i didn't have a compact 9 MM in my inventory that I could CC. :mad:
To make a long story shorter I went out a few weeks ago and bought a NIB G19 GEN 4 for $519.00 then I added a set of Tru Glo night sights. Anyway, I recalled that I had a holster in my box that I used for the Gen 3 and I dug it out. That's when i got a surprise--the Gen 4 wouldn't fit. The holster is from Garrity Industries, "Silent Thunder" is the model name. It's a Kydex shell, lined with leather, for IWB CC.
So--the question I have is, have the exterior dimensions of the Gen 4 increased when compared to the Gen 3?:confused:
No they haven't. Sometimes I will use one to make a holster for the other and the other way around. Is it loose or tight?
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