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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by SNG, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. SNG

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    Any one else still having ejection/reliability issues with your Gen 4 G19's with the 0-4-3 RSA?
    My ejected brass is still sporadically every where including in front of me, yay.
    I love being a "beta tester"...:mad:
  2. Neec0

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    How does one become a "beta tester" for Glock?

  3. SNG

    SNG New Member

    By buying a Gen 4 Glock:D
  4. wsar10

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    they hav a "new" ejector and extractor for the gen4 that is for this issue, you have to send the gun in or have a GA get yo the parts.
    GLOCK will not send them to anybody that is not a GA which is BS but I understand why they won't. I personaly probably know more about these guns and working on them than the local GLOCK dealers.
  5. Glock22Gen3

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    Glocks new ejector for Gen 4

    Glock has a new ejector for the Gen 4 to fix the issue your explaining, the ejector that's in the gun now should be stamped 336. The new ejector is 30274.

    If you call them and tell them about your ejection problem and tell them you heard there's a new ejector to fix it, they'll want you to send it in to them so they can install it.

    Ask for a prepaid shipping label.

  6. They "new extractor" is myth. When I sent mine in for the new ejector I asked about the extractor and was told no such thing. It did in fact come back with the original extractor. If there was a new one it would have been installed. Below is a pic of my one of my gen4's before and after sending to glock. top is old ejector, bottom is new......

  7. Let me add that my second gen4 purchased in Dec already had the new ejector. First one was purchased in August. Now both of them perform flawlessly and spit the brass out like they should to the right every time.
  8. jhva

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    Sent my G17 to Glock last Friday Aug 24th (2nd day air) for the ejector change out and got it back exactly 1 week later. Glock Tech said it would be a 6-8 week lead time, so very happy with the quick turnaround. New 30274 ejector plus the barrel looks new and they cleaned up the slide. I sent it in all cleaned but it came back immaculate! Haven't been to the range with it yet.


  9. ming

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    I put the 30274 ejector in my G19 myself to cure some ejection problems I was having. It took care of the problem and it's a very simple job. I also did the 0.25 cent trigger job at the same time.
  10. I have the 30274 ejector in my G4 G19 and still occasionally get brass to the face. :mad: