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Imo, there's no reason to shoot HP's for plinking, unless you have deep pockets or just want to see how they perform. I use WWB 9mm 147 gr. JHP's as my carry ammo. I'm sure there's a lot better carry ammo out there, but I did run a box of 50 just to test them and they did very well! As far as range ammo, stick with the cheap stuff! I love Tula! I've put 400 rounds of it thru my G26G4 with no issues! You can find good prices on bulk ammo, but with shipping cost, you don't save a whole lot. I usually just go to the local Walmart. Tula runs $9.97/box of 50, WWB/ $23.00 box of 100, Federal/ $21.00 box of 100 and Rem UMC/ $60.00 box 250. These prices are for 9mm FMJ.
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