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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by nolefan533, May 6, 2012.

  1. nolefan533

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    I've been able to go to the range once. I put 100 Remington hollow points through it and 50 pmc bronze through it. Any recomendations on ammo. Thanks
  2. I like Blazer Brass and Speer Lawman.

  3. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    For range shooting, the cheaper the better. Winchester White Box from Walmart or Tulammo.
  4. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    Georgia Arms, Atlanta Arms, BVAC, Underwood Ammo, WWB, American Eagle, there's a ton out there.
  5. Imo, there's no reason to shoot HP's for plinking, unless you have deep pockets or just want to see how they perform. I use WWB 9mm 147 gr. JHP's as my carry ammo. I'm sure there's a lot better carry ammo out there, but I did run a box of 50 just to test them and they did very well! As far as range ammo, stick with the cheap stuff! I love Tula! I've put 400 rounds of it thru my G26G4 with no issues! You can find good prices on bulk ammo, but with shipping cost, you don't save a whole lot. I usually just go to the local Walmart. Tula runs $9.97/box of 50, WWB/ $23.00 box of 100, Federal/ $21.00 box of 100 and Rem UMC/ $60.00 box 250. These prices are for 9mm FMJ.
  6. jmanwill

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    I use PMC at $11 per 50 for target shooting.
  7. Webphisher

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    Make sure your range will let you use tula before investing in it. I use Federal, works well for me.
  8. pinklady00

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    Cheap ammo for the range, for my 19, I use Gold Dots as my carry ammo.
  9. nbeal4495

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    I agree with them..the cheaper the better for range ammo I usually use reloads at the the range I shoot 50 for 9.99 or tulammo I got lucky my range doesnt mind. I use gold dot 124 in the gun and 115 gold dot as a back up mag on my hip or in my pocket hollow points of course
  10. glocknloaded

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    For range ammo I buy what ever is on sale in bulk at the time I order.

    Home defense I use Hornaday Critical Defense
  11. WintrSTS

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    I recently picked up 1000 rounds of speer lawman 9mm $215 including shipping @ sgammo.com. im about half way done, flawless and not real "dirty". very pleased.
  12. glocknloaded

    glocknloaded Click Click Boom Supporter

    Have you shot any of the lawman yet I've seen deals on it a couple times
  13. WintrSTS

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    Yes, Ive shot around 500-600 rounds of this lawman. $199 plus $16 shipping was the best price Ive seen online. I do need to pick up range ammo for my 27. Any suggestions?
  14. glocknloaded

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    Sorry I only own 9mm in handguns. Do they not have the lawman in .40? I would just do the same thing you did in the lawman and buy what ever is on sale that's what I do
  15. jtk07

    jtk07 New Member

    I shot a G23 and at the range ive been shooting BVAC Factory reloads about $14.75 a box of 50 or $130 for 500. Have had no miss fires or feed issues. I did however get one steel casing and thought that was odd being its supposed to be brass ?? lol I get them at cheaper than dirt we have a store near us. (also they are called JHP - however note much as far as hollow points more like a FMJ with the top cut smooth and a small hole drilled - great for the range tho)
  16. WintrSTS

    WintrSTS New Member

    Speer lawman does make .40 cal...Ill try it. sgammo.com has it for $309 for 1000 rounds 165gr.
  17. +1 On the blazer brass my G34 likes it and so does my CZ 75!Great ammo and CHEAP!