G19.5 FS MOS with Trijicon RM07 adjustable type 2

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    Ok guys I am going to explain everything about the "plates".
    With the RMR Gen 2, which I have, there is a mounting kit with part number AC32064 that comes with a "sealing plate". This sealing plate is very thin and it sandwiches between the RMR Gen 2 and the Glock RMR mounting plate. The sealing plate is needed to provide a watertight seal with the new RMR. They also provide the correct screws in the mounting kit. I hope this pic explains how everything lines up.
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    Thanks, Genifour. That's the kind of clarification that is most helpful. A clear explanation, along with a picture with words and arrows! LOL...
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    New gun owner here, very interested in this. I have a Gen5 19 MOS. Eventually getting one. Do you have to sight in the alignment, and how tricky is it if so?