G18 Conversion on 26

Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by Boracay, May 12, 2012.

  1. Boracay

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    I found this on my friends wall in FB. It's actually for sale in the Philippines. I'm pretty
    impressed how the gunsmith did the full auto switch on G26. Hope to get a video in the
    range on this one.


    **Photo credits to the owner.. (not a photoshop)

  2. SHOOTER13

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  3. Glockmaster

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    With a paper clip you can make any GLOCK FULL AUTO. But I don't recommend it ;).
    Nice picture Thanks for sharing.
  4. Argyle64

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    Great! Now the BATFE is going to be at my front door just for me reading that post. Thanks a lot, buddy!!!
  5. Glockmaster

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    I have never tried it. But there is a video on UTUBE.
  6. jonm61

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    I'll need to download a secure browser and sign out of my Youtube account before I search for that one!
  7. GlockIt

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    If only this was legal for us civilians to do and own in the U.S., I'd be buying a brand new Gen 4 17 tomarrow and be dropping it off at my smith by the end of the day!!! I'd really love a converted G17!!! talk about being the hot shot at the range!!!!!!
  8. AverageCitizen

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    Would anyone happen to have the link to the YouTube video?
  9. bhale187

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  10. Yea you can turn any glock in to full auto with a FSSG switch. Fire Selector System for Glock. Good luck on getting one if your not military or LEO.
  11. bhale187

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    Finding one is easy, staying out of jail after you get one is not so easy :eek:
  12. Glockmaster

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    Yeah I guess we can't believe everything we see on UTUBE. I tried looking for the video I seen. But that was like 4-5 months ago. I am unable to find the video now.

    All it was AND AGAIN I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!!! He wedged a paper clip under the trigger bar spring witch made the striker firing pin to release when the slide cycled.


    I personally wouldn't try it.