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I'm buying my first Glock in the near future. After firing both a 17 and a 19 (which was my first "choice") on several range trips and reading the advice offered on this forum, I've decided the 17 is a much better fit for my hand so I'll be going with a standard size model rather than a compact. Just when I decided on the 17 I found that one can convert the G22 into a 9mm with an after market conversion barrel and appropriate mags. The idea of having a gun that can serve this dual purpose appeals to me. The handgun would be used for both home defense and range use. I shoot both 9mm and .45 equally well I'd say, but I have less experience in .40. So now I'm completely confused once again. Do I go with my choice of the G17 or do I go the G22&conversion barrel route? Is there any down side to the second option, e.g., is the converted gun less accurate or reliable than the 17? After all, the reason I've decided to buy a Glock after all these years is that I've been convinced on the quality of the gun and I wouldn't want to compromise this in any way. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have.
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