G17 Gen 3 "Born On Date"

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  1. Hi. My brother just picked up a brand new G17 Gen 3 but made un Austria with serial # SNU***. any idea on it's "Born on Date"?
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    If it's new, and you have the original case it was sold in, there should be a little manilla envelope with a fired casing in the hard case. The date on the envelope is the test firing of the weapon.

  3. The Austrian made Glocks sold in Pakistan do not come with the envelope & casings. Any suggestions?
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    In the US I would say call GLOCK, US in Smyrna, GA. They gladly give out all of that information. If you're in Pakistan though you might need to contact your regional HQ. Who knows though, maybe GLOCK US is able to look up the information as well.
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    Hope this helps.

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    My gen 3 17 with sn# SEU*** was born October 22 2011