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  1. gen4-21

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    I'm new to handguns this year. I've been learning on a friends 1911 and have completed my CCW class. I feel more comfortable with a full frame for control and aim and have ordered my first one, a Gen 4-G21. I'm mostly going to use it to hone my skills at the range and home defense. My concern is concealing it. I live in the midwest where the weather is about 50/50, and I mostly wear casual attire, jeans, t-shirt, maybe an untucked flannel or light waist high jacket. I've looked at the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe and the Galco king Tuk. Both look like top choices to me because they spread the load over a bigger area and this is not a light package loaded! My question to the forum is 1) Am I crazy to begin CCW with a full frame? and 2) What are some other good choices for IWB for a full size weapon? Any other helpful advice or comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. william488

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    welcome to the forum, I am sure someone will be on soon to help you with your question. I personally use a mic holster and just slip it under my belt.
  3. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum! A lot of folks carry a full frame. I'm sure they will be along shortly to offer advice and answer your questions. I hope you enjoy the Forum.
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    Try N82tactical.com very comfortable.

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  5. Brandan86

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    I carry a full size G22 in a DeSantis Insider IWB Holster. I usually wear jeans and a large t_shirt or a Polo. I modified the clip to sit higher as the grip would dig into me. I got the holster from Glockstore.com for like $25 a couple years ago.
  6. gen4-21

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    Thanks for the welcomes and advice all. I'll check into your suggestions, I'm looking forward to this forum, further experience, education and friendships to come!
  7. metalriot

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    I carry a glock 23 in a desantis cozy companion it works really well for me. I imagine a full size wouldn't be an issue with this holster either. Desantis has been a great holster for me so far
  8. Tape

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    I carry a G22 with a T-shirt and jeans, it does print but I am an ugly bastard so I am not worried about people looking at me unless someone says "look at that ugly sumumabich, he's got a growth growing off his hip" other than that all is cool..
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    I really like the way u describe yourself man. Lol. priceless
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    I know of a lot of people that carry a full size so if it is comfortable for you then go for it. I use the Galco king tuk for a 19 and you are right. It does spread the load out and I think it is very comfortable. I prefer these types of holsters for that reason.
  11. dutchs

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    If you go to Foxxholsters.com here on the forum Ray makes a nice leather IWB for the G21. I wear one from Foxx for a SR9 Ruger at 5 o'clock and it is very comfortable. It is not quite as big as the 21 but pretty darn close.
  12. nbeal4495

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    I also use a foxx holster both for my glock 19 and my smith and Wesson m&p shield with no printing..very comfortable and affordable holster
  13. gen4-21

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    LOL, well I've actually been told otherwise so I'd better error on the side of caution. :)
  14. heliteiv

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    I have a g21 with a stream light tlr-2 and I carry with a custom iwb holster.
  15. SamEngel1984

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    I only carry full size handguns.... I (like yourself) feel more comfortable with a full size handgun and found that there are several ways to carry that make me feel comfortable... Many times I'll wear an undershirt with a collared button down shirt left open over it and my gun on my hip... When I wanna wear something like jeans and a t-shirt I carry my gun inside the waistband .... From time to time I'll wear a shirt that's about a size bigger than normal and carry on my hip... I find that its easier for me to conceal a gun on my hip when wearing a work shirt, but that's me....The most fun is when I carry the Desert Eagle... The majority of the time though I rotate between my Glock 22, Beretta 92FS, and my SIG P226.... I'm sure you'll find something that is comfortable for you.
  16. bassace

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    I carry a 17 using a Remora.
  17. Gun_Aficionado

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    As do I Remora for my G17G4 when untucked and I use whitehat holsters max tuck when tucked!