FTF issues with Tungsten guide rod, anyone?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by eljuice21, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. eljuice21

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    Hello, I am new to Glock's and just purchased my first Glock, a G3 17, and while reading online, someone suggested installing a Tungsten guide rod from glockstore.com, so I purchased it, got it in, installed it, and now I have non stop FTF's, I replace it with the stock guide rod, no issues .... soooo, the folks at Glockstore say they don't know of any issues, so I was wondering if anyone in here has experienced this and if you were able to resolve this issue, or should i just simply return it and get my $50 back?

    Thanks for all your help and advice!

  2. Welcome to the forum eljuice21!! Enjoy your stay!!!

    I personally would return it cause the factory guide rod is just fine. I don't by into these "make you shot better" products cause the only thing that will make you shoot better is to shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. :D

    I'm sure someone will be along that has experience with that guide rod shortly.:)
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  3. heliteiv

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    I have the tungsten guide rod and no issues, and I love it. But I also have a 21 so it really helps me with recoil.
  4. Ghost23

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    A tungsten RSA may be a bit too stiff and heavy for a full size 9mm.
  5. Lucian_253

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    I bought the stainless GSA from the Glock Store for my G-27. The first one I received, the first time I chambered a round the large spring slid over the small spring, and guide rod shot out the front of the gun. The second one I got seemed to work fine. That is until I went shooting, I had 5 FTF's in 50 rounds. Before the stainless RSA, I put hundreds of rounds through my 27 with 0 % FTF's. My opinion get your money back.
  6. Experiences will differ but if your stock RSA worked 100%, put it back in. I use and used SS guide rods in my other Glocks, Sigs, no issues. I use the stock spring as well. Have not tried a tungsten or SS in a RSA though.
  7. eljuice21

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    Thank you all the for the suggestions & advice, i greatly appreciate the help! Looks like i'll be getting my $50 back.
    Thx all!
  8. kpayne

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    Aw man I just purchased one from glockstore / I got a ss one from glockmister that sticks out of the front way to far and I am not willing to fire it like that & I bought the back strap plug from there that I am not happy with either so I feel ur pain
  9. So I used my new SS RSA's from Glockmeister today for my Gen 4 G19 and 23. Now, these look like the single rod/spring set-up for the Gen 3's and according to Glockmeister they work for both. However, it did work in terms of no failures but with the G19, some of the ejection was erratic, ejecting brass vertically and to the left. A lot like my Gen 3 G19 did with both it's stock RSA and SS guide rod. Now the G23, it worked identical to the stock RSA, strong ejection to 4 o'clock so my stock RSA remains in my G19 and the SS RSA stays in the G23. Also, I had to replace my stock RSA in my G19 as it was defective (see pic below, bent at top) but Glock sent me a new one for free.

    I have SS RSA's in my Sig P226, 2022, G17 and now G23 with no issues. I only do it for the look, I'm not trying to change the performance. Honestly, I don't feel any difference between the stock and SS.

  10. kpayne

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    Ftf is horrible on my g26 I like a moron bought both & they both look like they will break off there isn't a top washer over the exit face spring.. the slide rests on the spring so it seems very poorly made this is one of those ( I could have done this better) but no this **** is prob made in like China by 6 year old girls who have no clue or care if my gun is functional or not
  11. G-23

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    The OME works fine and the purchased item was not an improvement then:

    Either sent it back for a full refund or credit for other purchases I say.

    OME RSA never cost 50 bucks.