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  1. Hi all. I'm new here and have had a recurring issue with a used Glock 26 Gen 3 I bought a few months ago. About once or twice in every 100 rounds I have a double-feed; one empty shell stays in the chamber wile my Glock tries to load the next. I've changed out the complete extractor system, got a new recoil spring and tried a totally new fresh magazine and still get problems. I have a few very specific questions about this if you all could answer, plus any additional input. I'm sure you've heard about this before so pardon my repeating what others have asked about before.

    1. I strongly suspect this is "limp-wristing" from what I have researched, even though I shoot with as tight and firm a grip as I can, locked wrists etc. Am I probably correct? Any suggestions?

    2. A wile back when I started shooting I tried one of those grip-strengther things and just ended up with a bad multi-finger case of tendinitis.

    3. I have been told that even a little, unnoticeable, bit of friction from my thumbs on the slide as it cycles could cause this. I really do try to keep them off and never sense any pressure from them when they are sometimes on the slide if their slightly above the little thumb-rest area just in front and above the trigger guard, but could this still be a problem? Wouldn't it be likely my thumbs will still likely be a little bit beside the slide in an emergency no-think defensive situation anyway? Doesn't saying "keep your thumbs totally away from the side of the slide" just make the Baby Glocks unreliable defensive pistols in practice?

    4. Would getting a bigger Glock (i.e. 19) likely solve this problem?

    5. Or (don't flame the noob for the mere innocent suggestion of a heresy!) another type of pistol than a G***k? From what I gather LW is more a problem with Glocks than other makes.

    6. Would different ammo possibly solve this problem?

    7. Have been mostly using Blazer Brass 115gr and more recently a certain (unnamed) brand of cheap reloads in 115gr. Would a different brand work better with a Glock 26?

    8. Or a different weight of bullet? Would 124gr or even 147gr be less likely to do this?

    9. Or +P even?

    10. Is this one of the reasons +P is popular in defense ammo?

    I might think of some other stuff later. I thank in advance everyone who replies for being helpful and easy on the noob.

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    Try different ammo for sure. Try some perfecta from walmart if you can get it - it's 115 gr as well.

    If you suspect it really is limp wristing (I doubt it), have someone else shoot the gun and see if it still jams.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    You've obviously spent alot of time analyzing your situation, as evidenced by your list of questions. Without answering each question directly, hopefully my answers will cover most areas. ;)

    First and foremost, small guns are often hard to work with due to their size, and you hit on some of the issues. Gripping the gun can be more difficult, and thumbs may inadvertently come into contact with the slide. If you don't have magazine extensions, you might want to consider them to aid your grip. As long as you're cognizant of these issues, you can prevent any adverse effects.

    Try a different ammo. Some 115gr is loaded lighter than others (I don't use Blazer, so I can't speak to it directly), so there might be issues in cycling the slide. I use heavier grain bullets in my 9's (147), so you might want to step up the weight just a bit to see if that makes a difference.

    I think that covered most of your questions. Give the gun a good cleaning and lube, get some different ammo, and go from there. No need to give up on the gun just yet. Good luck and best regards.

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    The following video may help. For me, personally, the comments from 2:39 to 3:28 are most pertinent.


    Hope this helps... :D

    Best regards,

    Bob :)
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    When you say "stays in the chamber" you mean the round is still in the barrel part of the chamber as if it was never extracted? or is it just not clearing out of the gun as it's been extracted?

    Almost all of the questions you've asked are possible issues when the round doesn't have enough momentum to be bounced out of the gun, but has cleared the chamber. If it is staying in the chamber, that indicates that it came free from the extractor. While this can happen from limp wristing, it normally takes a lot of movement to bleed that much energy off the gun. Based on your description, I doubt that's happening. Locking the wrist is important but it doesn't take a death grip to get a Glock to cycle correctly. Be sure you're gripping high on the pistol.

    I'm leaning towards ammo or carbon in the chamber/on face of slide.

    Blazer Brass should be fine, I have seen a bad box of Blazer but that's normally the exception. I would absolutely drop the unnamed reloads. I always recommend 124gr ammo to shooters but not for the purpose of solving a problem, 115gr should not be the problem. The felt recoil of 124gr is a lot less and the point of impact is still correct with standard sights. Personally, I use Freedom Munitions. I find it shoots very consistent, especially for the price.

    Be sure the chamber is clean - you can use a .40 brush to clean the chamber just be careful not to get it started down the barrel.

    Be sure there's not any carbon buildup on the face of the slide under the extractor and even though it's a new extractor, check it for chips.

    Any chance you have a custom slide cover plate? They can cause extraction issues.

    The gun needs to be properly oiled using a lightweight gun oil on the lubrication points Glock identifies. NO grease!
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    I'll comment on #3. Thumbs should ride the slide. Forward agressive stance with thumbs forward. Support thumb rides the slide. It won't keep a round from extracting. That is how I was taught and any pistol is should my thumbs ride the slide when shooting.
  7. re: GlockGuide

    My next step will be to try as many types of 9mm FMJ's as I can find, trying to avoid 115gr.

    Yes exactly. Its as if the extractor magically went AWOL for one round but then came back as soon as I inspect the gun. No extraction whatsoever.

    My grip is fine. I do as the video suggests and my permit class instructor taught me.

    Heavier bullets recoil less? Fascinating.

    Everyone is going on about the FP. I guess I should try some. I tried to order some a wile back and had some sort of ordering problem, customer service never got back to me and I have been reluctant to deal with them again.

    I am very thorough in cleaning my gun, after every time I shoot, including the bolt face. I go over every surface, including under the extractor, afterwards with a q-tip to test if they're clean and follow-up clean if needed.

    I had a glock armorer change and inspect the extractor. He said both the old and new ones looked fine.

    Nope, completely stock Glock except for new sights and addition of talon grips.

    After every use, see above.

    Good to know about grease though, Heard some people recommending grease as the way to go, lasts longer etc., but will avoid. Not that I've tried, just heard.
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    I have never had good luck with Blazer in any of my guns. My old 30 just keeps on shooting anything I put in it but I never use Blazer in it. I almost never clean it and shoot a lot of reloads through it even though it is recommended to not use reloads.
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    i usually carry a 26 and shoot with both thumbs along the slide. when i tried that with my 42 I had lots of jams until i moved my right thumb off the slide.
  11. BRAVOW01: What kind of ammo works for you (FMJ's / SD HP's)?