FS: Gen4 Glock 32

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    I've had it for about a year. It has a couple Mark's on the slide from riding in the 7378 Safariland holster. I'll get more complete pics tomorrow.

    If my wife doesn't want to keep them, I may let the TiN parts go with it. It has TWO 13 round mags. My wife has the third in her 33 with an X-Grip. I will throw in a 15 round to take its place. One of the 13 rounders and the 15, has Glock +2's (+1 on the 357/40). It has the Vickers Tactical Grip Tool/plug. Also has the Vickers Tactical teigger shoe and Mag catch. If I keep the gold parts, I'll put a VT slide stop lever in it with the black pins. It has a stainless steel guide rod and a 20# spring in it. I also have the stock RSA and a 18 lbs spring. Stock RSA has 100 rounds on it. Under 500 total.

    Asking $495 shipped in the public forum. The ones that can see it here, I'll do better for you.


    Edit to add: TiN parts are, Slide Stop Lever, Slide Lock Lever, all 3 pics, extractor, and end of guide rod. guide rod.