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Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by unit44justin, May 13, 2012.

  1. unit44justin

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    Anyone ever try these guys out? looks like it is a lot of factory reloads. From what I have found is if anyone ordered factory reloads from usaammo, freedom munitions made it. I haven't read anything bad about them yet but just wondering if anyone here has had a first hand experience with them? Their prices look pretty stellar if you ask me.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Seen them at a few gun shows here in PA...never tried their stuff tho !

  3. glocknloaded

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    Couple of people here have suggested them I have heard good things but sorry haven't tried them yet but will be on my next stock up
  4. Me and a roommate tried 500 rounds of 9mm from Freedom Munitions, tried all different bullet weights for both ball ammo as well as hollow points, and all worked in everything we shot it through with zero issues. Would use again. We only tried their new ammo, not the reloads. I'd imagine the reloads would work every bit as well though.
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    A guy on another forum just posted about them. He had a dud round. He emailed them (which I couldn't bad round...seriously?) and they told him to let them know the next time he ordered and they'd throw in a few extra. So, it would seem that their customer service is excellent.

    I compared their prices to Georgia Arms and including shipping (and sales tax, since I'm in GA) and Freedom came out a little cheaper. And it wasn't just the sales tax. If I weren't in GA, Freedom would still be cheaper. They don't do .357Sig or .45GAP, but other than that, I'll probably order from them at some point.
  6. SteveC

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    I tried their once-fired and new in both .45acp and 9mm and was entirely happy with it. Also tried their "Blaster" 9mm (supposedly blemishes and such so they can't sell it for their new price) and that was fine also. I'm ordering more.
  7. shoognite

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    I shoot their "Blaster" .223 and 9mm all the time. I've easily shot 2-3k rounds of the stuff and not had a single problem. If you are their friend on Facebook, they post discount codes every once in a while. Their prices are going up though as more people are finding out about them.
  8. unit44justin

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    For those that have tried it, how clean does it shoot?
  9. Seems to be maybe a little cleaner than most other cheap range ammo I've used. Like I said before, would buy from them again without hesitation.
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    To introduce to me?
  11. Another one. They try so hard these days