Frame plug for Glock 30 gen 4

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by Sazed, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Sazed

    Sazed New Member

    Hi. New to Glock and this forum. Just got my first Glock yesterday: 30 Gen 4.
    Looking for a frame plug for it with no luck so far. Anybody know if they make one for this model? PLEASE provide a direct link for it on where to buy. I've heard from a glocktalk forum that the 30s/30sf frame plug works if you file it down.
    I'm taking it to the range today so I'll let you know how it handles. Normally a 1911 guy so I'm getting flak for it from certain people but I like it so far EXCEPT that big hole in the frame. Might just bunch-up some foam and let it expand in there.
    You'll be seein me around.
  2. Ding

    Ding Active Member

    Welcome to the forums... I looked and couldn't find anything either except for a G30 SF.

  3. Sazed

    Sazed New Member

    Several glock armorers have told me not to install plugs. It has the gap for a reason: to take the blowback of a bad primer
  4. jefro36

    jefro36 Active Member

    Yes and for water to drain

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  5. JSRH

    JSRH Member

    You may have to use the space to help rip a mag out if you get a nasty malfunction. My suggestion don't plug it if you carry the gun.

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  6. chuckds

    chuckds Certified Glock Armorer

    I don't have or want the frame plugs in any of my 5 Glocks.

    NRA member, GSSF member and a GCA.
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