Frame Exploding?

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  1. I was talking to a LEO friend of mine the other day and he told me that Glock replaced his G27 after the frame on his old one "exploded" just above the trigger on the left side (behind the slide removal "triggers") during qualifying (he pulled trigger for last shot on the stage).

    Has anybody heard of this happening? I asked if he took any pictures to which he said he would show me the email he sent Glock when the town emails came back up. What are the chances of it happening with a G23?

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    Sounds like an over pressured round failed to enter battery when the striker fell…

    Talk about the stars aligning just right...

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    It can happen with any gun if defective ammunition is used. Either the ammo company bought him a new frame or he bought a new frame himself.

    Do an image search on your favorite search engine for "glock kb".

    Glock's are more well known for it because early .40SW ammo had thinner case walls and SAAMI later changed the specs to make the case wall thicker. At that time only Glock and S&W had pistols chambered in .40SW.
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    It can happen...I normally see it with reloaded ammo. We had a guy shooting down here with his G35 that had a double charge in it go Kaboom. Glock replaced the necessary parts at a decent price.. at least cheaper than buying new one!
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