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    Hi guys,

    I have a questions to LEO and Military personnel about practicing Force on Force Training?

    Could anyone give me a rundown on the best way to practice force on force drills or point out videos on youtube? Protective gear will be worn and basic firearms safety will be observed.

    I own an online airsoft business and would like to give people the opportunity to practice as well as make some videos to show its effectiveness.

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    Have you looked into simunition rounds? That is the best force on force trainer.

    Are you looking for an urban environment or just wherever you can practice? Often times paintball courses will allow military/leo units to come in and use the simunition rounds (as its just laundry detergent) and conduct training operations there. Many nice paintball facilities have a mock village or city of some type. Just youtube search simunition training and im sure you will be able to find all sorts of various training vids using them.

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    We use airsoft guns with eye protection for force-on-force practice. For locations, we use whatever we can come up with. City garages, vacant houses (with owner permission), out in the woods, and once at the city park. If you're doing it in public, I'd recommend having a sign or something saying "TRAINING FILM BEING MADE" or something so the PD doesn't get a ton of calls and respond with SWAT. :)
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    That is how I trained other than miles gear. Simuniton rounds hurt and we used a mock city that had multiple buildings with multiple stories and a sewer system. It was furnished with random beds inthe rooms or other stuff. It was very enlightening as we learned that jumping in the room wasn't always the answer. My squad would also do paint ball in a similar mock city off duty and work on tactics as well.
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    My thoughts exactly. While paintball is more fun than work, it still hurts. And airsoft (what we have, just today, started using) can be had in electric (battery-operated) blowback action, it not only hurts but there is a very real risk of injury, especially to the eye. Simunitions (available only to LEA and affiliates) are like airsoft in that all personnel engaged need to wear layered cloting, gloves and facial protection. Airsoft looses to Simunitions in terms of distance accuracy, but for CQB training both work very well, and airsoft requires less coinage to obtain, use and maintain. Unlike airsoft, Simunitions leave a colored marker at the point of impact, useful if after-action assessment of "injury".

    Oh, and paintball feels and functions nothing like real firearms.
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