For CCW, why I've become comfortable with 'just' a Glock 43

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by John in AR, Jan 18, 2019.

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    I'm thing about adding a G43 to replace my G42 and M&P BG, 380's because the wife likes to carry them.
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    I can identify with the OP. I learned to shoot pistol with a 1911. Qualified with it and carried one every day in the Army. Was still my go-to handgun for years after I got out. That said, as I got older, the weight started working on my sciatica, had to find something a little lighter. An M&P Shield filled the bill. Lighter, higher capacity, simpler manual of arms. My 1911's will never go away, (till I do), but unless it's in my old U.S. flap holster, hanging on an old, issue pistol belt, I doubt I'll ever carry one again.
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  3. Zombie thread but I carried a G42 for a long time..wanted to 'upgrade' to a 9mm..but with a wonky wrist and poorly repaired dislocated RH thumb(thanks USN docs), a G43, even with a DPM recoil reduce spring..hurt to shoot. So..onto a G26(really like the grip width, same as my G17), a G19 magazine with a sleeve..the weight of the G26 is pretty much the minimum my RH wrist/thumb can handle. IF I have a HG, gotta be 'FTS', Fun To Shoot..not only to ensure reliability but also to get good with it. No safe queens for me, thanks.