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    Not sure where to put this so here we go . I am from NJ lived there till I was 30 . Moved to Fl 9 years ago . Being from the NJ and spending my summers at the Jersey shore , and Philly I have become accustomed to probably the best food imaginable. Now Moving to Florida (except for seafood) the food sucks.

    There is NO way a kiosk in the mall has Philly cheese steaks !!! No you are not selling NY style pizza !! I know this cause I lived it. There are NO Sub shops besides Jersey Mikes that are remotely close . Lastly 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts coffee will never compare to WaWa EVER ( i literally have family members mail me pounds of it from NJ) I REFUSE TO EXPLAIN WHAT WaWa is !

    Well I stand corrected....We stopped into a pizza place and WOW . Guys are from NJ and Brooklyn . I swear I took 1 bite and went into a trance , like Willy Wonka ( the new one) when he remembered his dad lol. The taste of the sauce flooded me with memories of my first 30 years. My wife laughed at me asking if I needed a moment LMAO .. It was soooo good I had to shake the guys hand that made it .

    I am smiling thinking about it !! Yes I am fat but thats besides the point lol...Just wanted to share for no real reason HAHAHAHHA

    If your from NJ , Philly or NY and moved away , you'll under stand .Its a NE thing ...
  2. I miss wawa. That is ALL I miss. Well and Mac's on WW boardwalk

    Millville Representing

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    VA has WAWA :D
    I miss in&out burgers from the Left Coast ...

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    We got a little bit of everything here in Phoenix... I really miss stake n shake though...

    If you don't mind me asking anyway,.. What is wawa?
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    Moving to the south makes me miss cheese curds, good beer and brats with kraut.
  6. iamthedood

    iamthedood The dude: "This aggression will not stand, man."

    WaWA is like the 711 from hell. It has a deli w/ automated ordering, cheaper gas ( at least here) good coffee .. ish like that
    up state the next equiv is a SHEETS.
  7. Wawa is like a quick stop but with really good coffee and made to order food that was fresh and good. I you ever travel in Texas and stop at Buckys, it is like that only a lot smaller.
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    Hey TampaBaySean,
    I escaped the Peoples Republic of New Jersey in the early 90's. I miss the food the most. In central Jersey we had a Pizza (Italian) place on every block. Here in Texas it's a Mexican place. Even the Jersey and New York owned Italian places don't taste the same and the Chinese places are worse. What about Jersey tomatoes?
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    I miss WaWa SOOOOO much! I was introduced to Sheetz when I moved to Harrisburg and was travelling throughout central/west PA. Some days I stopped at WaWa and the others I stopped at Sheetz. MMMMM.

    I need to make a trip.

    Oh, and I do actually have a real pizza place not far. Opened recently. Real pizza and a dose of NY attitude. :)

    It's kinda funny that this thread is titled "Food" and we're mostly talking about convenience stores!
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    Jersey Corn , and the fruit stands on the way Down the shore !! OMG !!!
    So where in Central Jersey ya from . I was born in Princeton , lived in East Windsor , then Robbinsville for 20 years then had a house built in Williamstown .
    Dude WaWa is coming to Florida !!!!! They should be open across from Sea World and lookie here !!!!!

    7516 Riverview Drive
    Bradenton, FL
    (941) 792-3705

    4320 US Highway 98 N
    Lakeland, FL
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    My wife and I just visited her family there in Vineland.
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    I grew up in Middlesex. Family moved to Hillsborough when I was 16. There till I was 25 then hauled butt out of there. Lived with my brother in Tampa (USF) for about a month then went to Texas to stay.
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    If you ain't got that old iron pipe NYC water, you just don't know what a great bagel is.
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    Just sent that Wa-Wa link to my brother in Tarpon Springs.
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    No kidding? I did a 3-year career as a CO in Leesburg. Went back to Rahway just before Fred Baker got killed.

    Leesburg...a little bit of Georgia in NJ. Below the Mason-Dixon line and they made sure you knew it, too.
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    Inmates in the system call Leesburg (now Bayside), "The Plantation".:D
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    No kidding . Our house was in Hillsbourough . Off Radix Rd on the border of Sicklersville . Now we live in Tampa... Guess TX is next lol

    South Jersey is Georgia lmao PPL have no idea where 295 splits turn into the south .some people in NJ don't even know its exists ! Rahway huh.. Tough joint man
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    heres a NJ NY Philly anthem

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    I live in the burb of Buffalo, the only thing this area has going for it beside the 20 minute commute to pretty much anywhere, is the food, I will miss it when I move.