Follower question.

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  1. I have an older style G21 mag with a +2 extension on it. I'd like to pick up a new 11 Coil spring for it so it'd have a bit more "umph" when locking the slide open on empty. All the 11 Coil springs seem to be the new style so I'd need a new style follower as well and wonder if it would work on the old style mag body or not?
    I figure if I have to buy too many mag parts(spring, follower, maybe a new base plate and insert to get rid of the +2) that I'd have about as much into it as it'd cost to just get a new G21 mag.
    Also, I could probably just get rid of the +2 and go with a new base plate and insert and solve the "problem" as well. Anyway, just wanted to see what new style mag parts were compatible with the older style mag bodies. Thanks. ;)
  2. Sounds like the $20 dollar hook up isn't going so well. :( Like the saying goes "if it is to good to be true it is". When it is all said an done you probably could have picked up 2 new 21 mags. :)

  3. It actually works ok since I tweaked the spring to put more upward pressure on the front of the follower but being as OCD as I am I always want things to be perfect.:rolleyes:
    I could probably use this mag "as is" for the rest of my life and never have a problem but if there's an easy fix to make double sure then I'd like to take it.
    I honestly think the main "problem" is the +2, if I had the stock base plate and insert the mag would work as the factory intended with the stock spring that's in the mag but the +2 takes so much pressure off of the spring that it needs more "umph" to get the job done now.
    I'll probably just end up buying a couple factory G21 mags and use this one for a range mag. Either way when I carry I use the G30, 10 round mags since they're better for CCW.