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  1. hey, y'all just went out today and got me a few new holsters for my g23. you guys heard of the fobus holster? i have only worn it like a few times and i love it so far. now just got to get maybe another iwb holster. but anyway what do you all think of the Fobus holsters? do you guys also know where the hell the model number is?
  2. Everyone knows Fobus I think. I love my cuff holster by them, but I broke two gun holsters.

  3. i have never heard of them until i saw it today at my LGS. compared to the other holsters that they have it was 49.95 for the others but the Fobus was about the same amount that 100 rounds of Winchester White Box ammo. not a bad price to me.
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    I used a Fobus when I first got into law enforcement. Since then I've upgraded to Blackhawk SERPA holsters and leather.
  5. what did you think about it? was it open or concealed carry holster?
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    Used a Fobus paddle for ages. Majority of the time I carry it appendix style. I have a drawer full of holsters. Most of the OWB holsters don't keep the grip or gun tight to the body like my Fobus. That's why I keep going back to it. The Fobus doesn't try to work it's way out of the waist band like some others. Yes it's cheap riveted platic but it has held up well and works.
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    Love My FOBUS holster and mag holder. I think the model number is on the front bottom At least mine is.

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  8. ok. thanks guys, at least i bought a great holster thats great to hear. and i looked online on fobus's website and i couldnt find my holster but all well. its great to hear that i made a great buy. thanks for all the info guys. hell i got my pistol in the holster right now and i cant even tell its there when im sitting down but standing up i can tell its there but i love this holster.
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    Yeah it is a good buy. I have one for my G30 and one for my G21 and a double mag. I usually wear them around the house and they are very nice and easy to draw from. You made an awesome buy.:)
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    I carry a spare mag in one of their paddle mag pouches and used a double mag pouch for competition for a couple of matches. I like them but upgraded.
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    They will replace them under warranty.
  12. it seems like i did. so far i love this thing. i wouldnt suggest wearing it while your mowin lol.
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    The model # should be about an inch in front of where the trigger guard fits.

    I found that the paddle type didn't hold the gun close enough to my body(especially the roto type).

    And the Fobus IWB completely SUCKS.
  14. I bought a Fobus OWB paddle style when I first got my G26 Gen 4 and mine is a GL-26 retention holster. I've since upgraded to a Blackhawk CQC w/ finger release holster and I like it a lot better! I found with the Fobus, I had some difficulty drawing because the retention is too tight. With the Blackhawk, I just press the button, and out she comes! Very fast presentation! It's trial and error! Hope you find the one that fits u best!
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    My paddle Fobus holds tight to the body. The Roto Fobus puts the gun too far out from the body. The IWB looks like it should be in Minority Report and I have no experience with it.
  16. i think i found the modle number but who knows. did your Fobus have one of them things that is a philips or a flat blade screw driver to adjust the grip the holster has on the gun? but i wanted somethin that i didnt have to fumble with like the finger or thumb release holsters. to much to fumble with to me. but to each their own lol. but i was thinking about gettin a IWB from them. might have to reasearch that a lil more.
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    Check out the Vendors on this Forum. No levers or buttons to mess with. Kydex is a better medium than the plastic Fobus IMO.
  18. yea i have looked but i cant find any that i like through the vendors here. but i dont mind the Fobus, to me its really comfortable and i notice that when im carryin around the house i dont even know its there lol.
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    I've liked holsters people hate and hated holsters people loved. I think I'm going to try the Hybrid (Crossbreed type) holster everyone is raving about next.
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    Throwing in my 2 ducats here for the Fobus. I have one of the rotary paddle ones for my g23. I love it for CC with a golf shirt over it. Holds the gun close AND works with a rail mounted accessory. I have a light mounted on mine and most holsters I've looked at do not accommodate rail mounted light/laser. I also like the "thumb break" "retention" snap. The holster does fine retaining the pistol without the strap but I like having the extra security.

    I prefer taC/drop holsters for OC but haven't settled on one I like.