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    since I guess I am the FNG here in the LEO/ Military section I will do a little intro.
    I am 54 married to a wonderful lady that loves her G19 as much as I do mine. as the handle implies I live in SC. I am a 15 year Army Vet ( 70% disabled) I spent my Army day providing beans & bullets ( Supply Sgt) and in the Arms room. I got the word to salute the flag & move out sharply in 1997. I spent a few days in SW Asia ( desert shield/storm). in addition to the G19's we also have a HP 995ts carbine, a 357 revolver, and a little 22mag pocket gun.
    I have enjoyed the other areas of the forum that I have explored & look forward to doing the same with this section as well. I guess I have rambled enough.
    Thanks to all that took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign & domestic!
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    We're glad to have you here Sgt!

  3. dutchs

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    Thank you as well Chip! Ex Navy here 77-83 Welcome!
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    Nice to have ya here. Marine here 2008-present
  5. Glad to have another from SC on the forum! Ex-Army and current LEO here from the upstate.
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    Welcome and Thank you for your Service! Marine here 1977-1984 on duty but Marine for Life!
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    [​IMG] ty for your service [​IMG] ( usn vet '89-94 )
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    FNG ... That stands for funny new guy, right? Lol.
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    Glad to see ya Hoovco!! Welcome to the rest of the forum! And thanks again for your service. I'm Navy, 1977-1983!
  10. RRoss

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    Welcom Chip, and Thank you for your service. We are proud to have you here in the forum, so if there is anything we can do don't hesitate to ask.
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    Welcome to the forum. Air Force 1976- 1994.
    Great bunch of guys. Thanks for your service too.