FNG Reporting as ordered.

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  1. Saying hello.

    Started shooting in 1954, started competing in 1958, started carrying for business or in my case the Marine Corps in 1966-1976.

    Two tours with the 3rd Marine Division in Vietnam 67-68-69. DI in 1971.

    Worked for the Brevard County Sheriff and later Florida DOC. Became a Registered Nurse in my mid 40's. And worked ICU, Trauma ICU, CVICU, Cardiac Transplant, ER CCU etc....

    Either Compete or have competed in NRA JR's, Bullseye/2700, PPC, Pins, USPSA, IPSC, IDPA and various other local competitions over the years.

    I am from Melbourne Florida and live on the out skirts of Phoenix now. Note the common theme of the two.

    Good luck.