Flying with a gun and ammo

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    I am going to Ft Lauderdale, Florida in a couple of weeks, and I want to take my conceal carry pistol with me to wear down there, because I know Florida recognizes MS carry permits. I was wondering if you guys have ever packed your carry pistol in your checked baggage to have when you got to your destination. If so, how did you do it? I know the pistoll has to be in a locked safe container. Just curious.

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    Here ya go bud! Another member asked the same thing...

    Hope this helps ya out!!!

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    All sounds like a big cluster/hassle to go through. I will have to rethink this.

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    Not too complicated... Plenty of options... Just call the airline and ask for specific instructions...
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    Very very very simple!! flew from Connecticut Orlando just puts gun and magazines in lockbox and ammo in a separate box(like the Glock box your gun came in when you Bought it)
    I put my ammo in the factory plastic glock box with a tiny little combination lock
    And the firearm and magazines in a little lockbox from Walmart I put the factory red lock on the firearm as well just for extra security but didn't even need to.
    Keep it in the top of your luggage go to counter. have your permit out and first thing you tell them is you have a firearm to be checked in.
    They will ask you to take out the box. on the way down to Florida they asked me to open the box to show them the firearm then he told me to close it put a tag on it and told me to put it back into my luggage and then they had to security take the luggage and run it through an x-ray and that was it no hassle no problems nothing at all.

    On the way back to Connecticut I flew out of Tampa I handed my license told him I had to come to check in I pulled out the box they gave me a tag didn't even want me to open to show them said it was fine no need to open put it back into my luggage and the security rented through the scanner and I was on my way

    Some people say it's a big hassle but I did it no problems at all very fast too I believe it took
    maybe 15 minutes or so.
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    It is not a hassle at all if you do it right. I've done it in and out of Fl several times with no issue. OP, you can pm me with specific questions if you like.